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Holy Hell, this Built to Last buff is going to be crazy powerful for gen rushing

DehitayDehitay Member Posts: 1,723

Here's what BHVR changed about Built to Last for those that haven't read it yet:

Built to Last 

This perk shipped with fairly safe numbers to make sure it couldn’t get out of hand, but that ended up making it a pretty unpopular choice. We’ve reworked it to be far more effective at what it’s meant to do. 

Hiding in a locker for 14/13/12 seconds with a depleted item in your hand will cause it to refill 99% of its charges. Each use of Built to Last reduced the number of charges refilled by 33%.  

I think they might want to reconsider that just because something's unpopular doesn't mean it's safety isn't necessary. The reason that perk is unpopular isn't because it's not good; it's because there's so many incredibly powerful survivor perks.

I actually run Build to Last and Streetwise with a Commodious Toolbox, Wire Spool, and Scraps when I want to gen rush for adept achievements or generator based challenges. That already powered through a gen crazy fast. And if I'm reading this right, instead of refilling an item 1 time for 50%, you can now refill items 3 times for 99%, 66%, and 33%. I haven't done the math, but I'm estimating that's probly more than 2 gens worth of repairs you can power through. Hell, with that amount of refills, you could probly even use an Engineer's Toolbox instead and go crazy.



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