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Could Blood Favor become meta?

ad19970ad19970 Member Posts: 3,997

We already knew about the cooldown and basic attack condition removal, but it seems like the radius was also now doubled, which I believe was not mentioned in the dev update. It's a 32 meter radius.

Now fair enough, it's still a Hex perk, so it can still be cleansed fairly early on. But I feel like this effect will now be very strong and make survivors go out of their way to look for the hex totem, which can slow the game down a bit, especially when you also have undying, and unless you get really unlucky, it could definitely help you with getting the first one or two downs.

Really excited about this buff personally, wonder what other people think about this perk now. Maybe they will need to even tone it down to like 28 or 24 meters? But I certainly hope they keep at least a bit of the range buff, because 16 meters was not all too useful in most cases.



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