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Why is every single patch so survivor sided?

As a 5 year long Killer main, I can no longer play this one sided game. For every killer buff, theres 3 nerfs. And the flow of the game is always heavily survivor sided. I get completely bored to death bullying killers playing as a survivor. Look at this newest patch for an example, "make killers stronger patch"? not really. they are nerfing several adons and butchering death slinger into F tier. "trickster buff" last patch.. not really. they nerfed several things on him at the same time and they did not address tricksters true issue (movement speed). I understand that 75% of the player base is survivor only players, truly i get that. But theres reasons for that. No one wants the stress of playing killer and survivor is insanely easier. Survivors get insanely strong perks and killers get "I hope this slows the gens down" perks... Its lame. Killers have to patrol generators which is nearly impossible for most of the killer characters already and now the killers have to search for totems or suffer that wrath too? Like... Disgusting. I for one, enjoy the mmr system, but without being able to track it, I have no reason to keep playing this game. I waited 5 years for the devs to change the flow of the game to be more even sided and they refused because of the 75% playing survivor only. "Make the the 75% happy"? Ya well. part of your 25% is walking out on you. part of your 1% High mmr is walking out on you



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