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Hatch opening notification

You should add a notification for the killer whenever a survivor is trying to open a hatch and you should increase its seconds to open it, like 5-10 seconds so the killer has enough time to counter it

guarding both hatch and exit gates is kind of impossible if we think about maps like lèry's.


  • SakurraSakurra Member Posts: 971


  • NomaddNomadd Member Posts: 167

    Sure and notification when survivor tries to open the exit gate. And the slowdown should be equal to the distance of how far away is the killer, if killer is 20m away from the hatch/gate, survivors has to work 20 seconds more to open it.

  • CashelP14CashelP14 Member Posts: 5,277

    No. Keys and hatch has been massively nerfed. No point making them completely useless.

  • NuKeDNuKeD Member Posts: 193
    edited October 2021

    what's the point on closing the hatch if survivor can open the hatch in 3 seconds and you as killer can't even know it? you can't guard both hatch and exit gates in big maps. plus, if you put a 5 secs counter, this allows the killer to know, but you can't even get there that fast so it's not even that much if you think about it. you can leave hatch opening progression to 99% which is stupid as hell, it should reset.

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