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Anyone else getting screwed over by SBMM?

I don't know why but I feel like its completely backwards, that or i'm just getting boned. I recently picked up Demo (Wanted to get him before he was impossible to buy) and doing a couple games. Back to back, i got Red ranks as a ash rank. I don't nearly play this game enough for me to be considered that good. And I doubt they are so bad that they get put up with a baby demo. Anyone else getting this? I'm not mad i'm just confused cause When i play a main (Like pig, Doc or Huntress) I get ash to gold ranks.


  • KyxlectKyxlect Member Posts: 230

    Grades don't matter anymore it's based on your MMR and while I thought that the system is supposed to give you easier Survivors when you're playing a new Killer some people were saying it's still gonna be based partly on your overall Killer MMR. I found that out when I myself played Pig for the first time and got sweaty SWF's. Didn't know what the ######### I was doing.

    Could also be due to the time you're playing, if the system can't find easier matches for you it'll just throw you a sweat squad which most people are doing now.

  • DwigthtDwigtht Member Posts: 462

    I don't know, this MMR is random and silly.

    What I've heard is that you have your player MMR a separate killer MMR. So, when you play a new killer, your killer MMR will be like your player MMR for a few matches, until you lose enough times. So your baby-killer MMR is still high even when you play killer for the first time.

    How much is enough losing to level down MMR -- I honestly don't know. There are conditions in the game that makes you lose: difficult map, coordinated SWF team on comms. Demo should be fine for most cases (and proper build with SBTFL), but I still find it difficult to play Demo (and many other killers) on RPD, for instance.

  • MistakesweremadeMistakesweremade Member Posts: 229

    Not really. It's just extremely inconsistent. But overall I feel like the quality of my games has improved, and I don't have to worry about ranks now so that's great.

  • PurgatorianPurgatorian Member Posts: 1,137

    As survivor I am getting mostly fair matches.

    As killer it seems to want me to get 5 0ks in a row before giving me 1 fair match, 2k or less with plenty of hooks. Then it's back to 5 0ks, possibly a baby match, then fair match, then 5 0ks. See a pattern there lol.

  • ZarathosZarathos Member Posts: 1,896

    From my experience your overall killer mmr kind of messes with your ability to play lower tier killers. I used to vary my killers between games but now with my games being difficult at my current mmr (whatever that is?) I go one or two rounds with cenobite I can't go back to low tier killers like pig and trapper unless I'm willing to soak 3 games where I have to play out some frustrating game's.

  • SetSet Member Posts: 22

    The only screwing sbmm has been doing to me is I have to wait 20 minutes for a game of killer.

  • Lt_LuciferLt_Lucifer Member Posts: 5

    If i remember, they said taht it would mainly focus on your Killer MMR. And i would get if it was my total mmr. But again I don't play this game nearly enough or no where near good enough to get sweaty swfs. But i guess you're right by the time of day thing. Thanks for the advice!

  • Lt_LuciferLt_Lucifer Member Posts: 5

    I would agree, Because I main Pig for when i wanna 'try hard' and 'sweat' but then I go up against people who's worse then me as a survivor (and I suck as survivor) Yet i'm trying Demo its like I need ot be given Red Swfs. I don't mind going against them, but I would expect the game to atleast put them on a killer i've been playing for a while.Thanks again for commenting on my post!

  • Lt_LuciferLt_Lucifer Member Posts: 5

    The MMR is really buggy. Just wished it would just focus on your MMR or atleast tell you when it opens up to a more broader set of people. I will say Demo is fun as hell.

  • Lt_LuciferLt_Lucifer Member Posts: 5

    I wanna say thank you for everyone who commented on this silly little post. I know this isn't that big of deal to alot of people but it still makes me happy that the community is willing to discuss crazy things like this.

  • KolbyKolbyKolbyKolbyKolbyKolby Member Posts: 493

    I'm genuinely having the opposite problem right now. I have 5,300 hours in the game, and I'd say its like 60-70% survivor and 40-30% killer, depending on the month or something, like lately I've been doing a lot more killing.

    At any rate, I am getting matched with players who have *less than 10 hours in the game* I am hitting a meg and she sprint bursts into the grass by a door in full sight of me and just crouched there. I had a game with two people that didn't know they had to mend and those two both went down against my legion while I was chasing a third person.

    Granted this is about how well most of my teammates play as survivor so maybe I shouldn't be too surprised, but I genuinely feel like my mmr is just broke.

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