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Make Killers great again! (Even tho they never were LOL)

DbD_EnjoyerDbD_Enjoyer Member Posts: 459
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So, survivors are getting these OP boon totems, in order to make it even for killers, i think "Hex" perks should be removed, instead we should get the same perk effects, but they wouldn't be tied to totems anymore.

From now on, only survivors would interact with totems (killers would still have to smash them), but we get Ruin, NOED and every "Hex" perk as a permanent effect (wouldn't require lit totems, but you still have to equip them obviously), much like common perks.

Your thoughts? Sounds just as balanced as the Boon mechanic and perks to me.

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  • DbD_EnjoyerDbD_Enjoyer Member Posts: 459

    This is not a bait, i wanna see ppl opnion on this.

  • bjorksnasbjorksnas Member Posts: 4,400

    Devour hope would be overpowered and run on every loadout, 3 hooks as any killer you now get exposed effects 5 hooks you win the game

    Thrill of the hunt would be useless unless it was reworked slowing down totem blessing / cleansing is useless with no incentive to do so

    ruin would be op

    undying would be useless

    retribution would be useless

    third seal would be extremely annoying but mostly punish soloqueue more than swfs

    plaything would be op permanent oblivious can be brutal

    Noed would still be noed so fine I guess

    Lullabye could become a meta perk (against streamers who read chat)

    Haunted grounds would be useless

    Crowd control would be ok

    Blood favor would be pretty good

  • DbD_EnjoyerDbD_Enjoyer Member Posts: 459

    DH would be good, but survivors can still counter it just as usual, unhook with BT before killer can get away from the hook.

    TOTH would not be useless, it would be as much as useful as it is on the PTB, just to slow boons and cleansing.

    Ruin would be ok just as it is now, survivors would just keep gen rushing and tunelling as usual, not a big change overall.

    Undying wouldn't be useless, you still get the aura reading, but now you get from every totem, good thing against someone setting boons.

    Retribution wouldn't be useless, you still get oblivious effect, again, good against boons.

    Third seal is ok.

    Plaything would also be ok, as it rewards for hooking different survivors and might actually make this game somewhat scary again.

    Lullaby with 5 stacks usually only works against noobs, so it wouldnt be much of a difference from now...

    Haunted grounds is the only perk which would need a rework, would be great if it effect triggered every time a dull is cleansed.

    NOED, CC and Blood favor would be ok, as you've already said.

  • nikodemonikodemo Member Posts: 548
    edited October 2021

    Generally, I think survivors are too fast. It drags out chases, leads to hold-W meta and Scooby Doo esque looping.

    It's excessive. Their run speeds need to be toned down, or maybe exhaustion slows you down more.

  • DbD_EnjoyerDbD_Enjoyer Member Posts: 459

    I think that whenver you have the Exhaustion status effect on you, your Running speed should be reduced by 5 or 10%.

    That way there is a trade off for exaustion perks, which would probably bring more perk variety into builds in general.

  • nikodemonikodemo Member Posts: 548

    i'm also willing to go places like, say, give Killers 5 perk slots instead of 4, and see how that goes. they're going up against 16 perks for goodness sake.

    survs don't need to be coddled so much. so many Killer perks have all these restrictions to them that makes them useless. they should be able to compete with other meta perks, and that's ok.

  • NomaddNomadd Member Posts: 167

    So running at 90% vs 115%, who can bloodlust on top of that... yeah, I see how that wouldn't be broken.

    But as for Hexes:

    • Devour Hope would've been OP as hell, 3 hooks and you get permanent expose?
    • Crowd Control - simply broken, with your great idea of running at 90% chases would end in 10 seconds
    • Blood Favor - pretty OP if that wouldn't be Hex
    • Plaything - permanent stealth no matter what... yeah, that's obviously totally fine

    You seem to be upset about Boons, okay, but still that post sounds like typical crying of a killer main who wants a total easy mode, not even easy, but auto-win mode. You REALLY and sincerely think this would've been balanced? Because your idea wasn't even near that word.

    Plus Boons are good, yeah and BHVR will probably nerf them anyway, but you know you CAN get rid of them? Yes, they are good, but they aren't 'uncounterable'. Boons are nowhere near being as broken as your idea.

    Play KYF match, equip DH, Ruin, Blood Favor & Crowd Control, make rules that your friends cannot interact with totems (to imitate your idea of Hexes without totems) and see how the game goes. I guarantee this will be a complete braindead, easiest win of your life.

  • DbD_EnjoyerDbD_Enjoyer Member Posts: 459

    Please read my response to the first guy, i've already answeared this idead of "OMG X perk would be so broken".

    On the Exhaustion topic, i said "5 or 10%", devs could try it out and see which number fits best, but even with this small speed reduction survivors would still be able to loop for days using pallets and windows.

    Take a look at clown, he reduces survivors speed by 15% and also make them slow vault windows, but even then, he still is one of the weakest killers in the game, i asure you there are several reasons for that, and a 5% decresed speed for survivors who already used one of their second chance perks won't change much, but could help a bit.

  • SasukeKunSasukeKun Member Posts: 1,858

    A common argument survivor mains would do a backflip over in distress.

  • LegionairLegionair Member Posts: 196

    Maybe give survivors a semi lengthy but limited sprint? Enough to get to a pallet but not enough to hold w halfway across the map to shack? That or buff bloodlust to activate sooner if surv just holds w

  • BeanLagBeanLag Member Posts: 94

    It would be extremely op, but i would make Hex avaliable to be replaced in dull totems, or remove survs being able to place boon totems more than one time. Its not fair survs being able to put infinite totems and you having bad luck with your hex spawning in a survivor face and lose one perk in 10 seconds since the game starts

  • NomaddNomadd Member Posts: 167

    Yeah, because Clown has no map pressure, but 1v1 he's pretty decent, everyone can tell you that.

    You still have absolutely no clue about what balance is and what you're trying to do is completely butcher one side. I don't know if you ever play as survivor, but you seem like an absolute killer main, who recently has miserable time and it seems fair to you, if devs gave you auto-win mode.

    Again, your suggestion was never standing next to balance, you're just trying to make this game unwinable for survivors. I agree, that some killers are on the weaker side, but completely destroying survivors is not the answer.

    Again again - survivor speed. You are already faster, 10-15%, if you still can't catch someone... it kind of is not devs fault. You have powers, bloodlust, you can mindgame as well as survivors. Sorry, but your problems with catching survivors are not the reason why they should be butchered to the ground.

    As for perks, again - they would be EXTREMELY overpowered. I gave you an answer with a suggestion - play KYF match with those perks, make rules with your friends that they cannot touch totems, to simulate your idea. This will really be most braindead, easiest win of your life.

  • DbD_EnjoyerDbD_Enjoyer Member Posts: 459

    4 Boon totems spread throughout 60-70% of a map is also braindead, so if survivors have this, why killers cant?

  • NomaddNomadd Member Posts: 167

    OMG... first of all, you CAN get rid of totems. Do you understand difference between 'can' and cannot'? You CAN snuff out Boons, with your changes I CANNOT get rid of your 'hexes'. So no, Boons are not braindead, they are strong, not braindead like idea of 'hexes without totems'.

    Second - Boons most likely will get nerfed. Geez, do you even understand the words 'TEST BUILD'? It's not out yet! They are TESTING stuff! That's the point of PTB, you go there, you TEST, you give feedback. I know BHVR works in a weird way sometimes, but I'm pretty sure they will tweak the numbers of Boon totems.

    Third - if Boons were perks without totems, then yeah, Hexes could also work without totems. You can get rid of Boons, I can get rid of Hexes. You can do it also extremely quickly, I can't stop you from doing so, setting up Boons takes a lot of time, you can defend your Hexes, stop me from cleansing them...

    Mocking is not the answer here, crying is never received as a valuable opinion, it's just that - crying. Give an actual opinion why Boons are too overpowered, propose a change. If people were only doing what you're doing, BHVR would never nerf/change anything, because they'd never take that kind of 'opinion' seriously.

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