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Totem mechanic and perks rework (Long Discussion)

With the addition of Boon totems we saw that this game does NOT want to reach a balanced state as it will ALWAYS favor survivors even when the great majority of the killer playerbase suffers and frustrate themselves on a daily basis.

But i didnt lost all hope just yet, and because of that, here are the suggestions to balance totems and their perks overall: (All changes mentioned are based on the latest version of the game, the PTB)

First of all, we should make totems become a secondary objetive in order to make them actually slow down the gen rush, for that to happen, these are the changes:

  • There will be 12 totems (instead of 5) around the map and Hex spawns should have a minimum distance betweeen themselves at the beginning of the game.
  • Cleasing and applying boons interaction should have a 50% time increase.
  • Cleasing should reward 50% less per totem.

With these i believe each survivor will have to cleanse 3 totems on average, which would try to reduce gen speed and also force survivors to run other perks in order to make that job easier if they don't wanna face the consequences.

As there are too many totems, we can't give them too many bloodpoints or it would just become an easy grind every match, and because there are many of them, it would also imply that its easier to find and see them around the map.

Boons can basically work almost as they do right now, but survivors will have to decide if they wanna cleanse or not, because from now on, Hex applications would be prioritized over boons if they happen to land on the same totem.

  • Boon perks can be applied over a Hexes (which would remove the Hex on that totem, but wouldnt break them).
  • Boons can also be applied on Dull totems.
  • If a Hex was going to be applied during the match and it randomly targeted a Boon totem instead of Dull ones, the Boon would be removed and the Hex would take its place.
  • Hexes and Boons can never be applied to cleansed totems.

All this information is relevant for Hex perks getting reworked in the process...

So we finally reached the rework part of this post and without further ado, these are the changes:

  • Blood Favour: No changes.
  • Crowd Control: No changes.
  • Devour Hope: No changes.
  • Haunted Ground: Instead of 2 totems, this perks would spawn 4 (using a Boon over it wouldnt activate the effects, only if Cleansed) and on top of the 60 seconds of Exposed, would also remove any Boon effect that was active on the map. (Boons would become Dull totems and would have to be "booned" again)
  • Huntress Lullaby: No changes.
  • NOED: This is the real reason why survivors would have to waste time cleasing... Once this perks gets active, all the Dull and Boon totems instantly becomes Hexes tied to NOED and for it to get deactivated, all of these would have to be cleansed, or "Booned" again.
  • Plaything: The effect could be reapplied on the same survivor, if his totem was cleansed or "Booned".
  • Retribution: No changes.
  • Ruin: No changes.
  • Third Seal: On top of Blindness, this perk would literally "Seal" the affected survivors perks, making them unusable until the Hex gets removed. (If boons were already active on totems, this wouldn't cancel them, but would make survivors unable to set new Boons until the Seal was removed)
  • TOTH: Totem interactions are slowed by 1/2/3% for each totem on the map, up to 12/24/36% slower.
  • Undying: Now this perk would have tokens and whenever a Hex that was not the Undying one gets removed, it would be transferred to a new totem (Boon or Dull), up to 1/2/3 times. Any tokens from other Hexes would be kept in the process.

Thats it, leave your opnions down below and thanks for reading!


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