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Unbalanced game

balancedbalanced Member Posts: 2
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First of all, I am using a translator.

Behaviour we want a balanced game for both killers and survivors I think we could make a much more balanced and fun game for everyone.

Note: Everything I am going to say is focused on premade and high mmr games.

Currently I think the game is very unbalanced for killers and I explain why.

In high MMR you find many premade games and I think that playing in premade could be considered a perk that gives a lot of information, I give examples:

The killer follows a survivor, that survivor tells the rest of his friends by voice (discord, teamspeak) that the killer is following him.

The rest of the survivors can start making engines, bless totems, make bodyblock or give each other any important information.

I could list many more examples of all the information that a premade game can know against a killer, but I don't think it is necessary to say it.

The question is what can the killer do against this? with this kind of information that the survivors have?

So I think these games are not fair at all, don't you think it would be a good option that if you invite a friend via steam the game detects that it is premade and the killer gets some bonus?

Here are some ideas, although they could be any others:

Add one more engine if it is a premade game instead of 5 put 6.

Another idea I think more balanced could be to lengthen the time needed to make the engines.

It can be any idea, the point is to make a more fair and fun game for killers and survivors.

Now with the arrival of the boon totems things are even more complicated for the killer in high mmr, it was already extremely difficult to win games in high mmr without the boon totems, imagine now...

Conclusion, if the killer has to be aware of the engines, follow the survivors, infinite loops, break pallets, the body block, the flashlights and now also the boon totems I think it's already too much...

I think Dead By Daylight could be a fun game for both sides, the survivors part you are getting it, the killers part you are not.

It feels like you are balancing more on the survivor side and I think a lot of people think this.

The bad thing about giving this feeling is that many killers will stop playing Dead By Daylight or will play as

survivor, then there will be 4 killers left and finding games will be a real hell.

Note: Everything I am saying is based on premade and high mmr games.

Sorry for the English I used a translator.

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  • balancedbalanced Member Posts: 2

    if it's your opinion perfect, but read again the text above the premade game and tell me if it doesn't seem to you a disadvantage against the killer, if you tell me it's not a disadvantage in high mmr, I think you understand very little about dbd.

  • AnniehereAnniehere Member Posts: 1,115

    I played against very high skilled killers and after so many games, i can say with confidence that 80 seconds repair time is balance against them. the problem begins when players are not playing efficiently and they lose because one reason or another.

    I agree that the game is not fair in the beginning of the match where 3 survivors can spawn together next to a gen.

    Something need to get a rework, it can be the chase, gen alert, gen speed, health state and maybe more.

    If any change is made in favor of the killers, it will not be fair to the survivors and vice versa.

    All because the game is not really balanced and as i said, they should rework some things.

    Some changes can stop the repetitive hex perks and complains.

  • RickC_137RickC_137 Member Posts: 3

    Yo juego de ambos bandos, y es divertidisimo jugar como superviviente, obviamente con el tiempo, rango y práctica dentro de la diversión hay un poco de presión, pero no te pases al jugar de killer en niveles altos con jugadores comunicados entre ellos y todas las herramientas que tienen los supervivientes pienso que ya es mucho para los asesinos, y si juegas en niveles altos puedes comparar la diferencia de presión tanto si juegas con tu mejor killer de nivel alto como si juegas como superviviente con un equipo comunicado, si mucha gente no acepta que la diferencia es abismal por la ventaja que da la comunicación y no aceptan cambios durante partida que al menos compartan la idea de darle algún bonus al killer por enfrentarse a ponentes con tal ventaja, eso al menos motivaria a los killers a mejorar más y darlo todo apesar de esa desventaja

  • RickC_137RickC_137 Member Posts: 3

    Tristemente es lo que acaba pasando, es mas divertido jugar de superviviente que de asesino.

  • QuimiQuimi Member Posts: 6

    I think that if there is a real disadvantage in the assassins if you play against four survivors who are friends, I think that the assassin could still take about 2 kills and that also depends a lot on their gameplay, but if we think carefully that if you are playing with a weaker assassin like ghost face or the pig would be a real problem because it does not compare the power of a pig against the power of a nurse, and maybe it would be good to make a nerf to the survivors even a little minimum so that not only people play with the same killers always by the fact that with others you can not win, or as another message said above that if you play against people who are in discord that the game gives you a bonus of blood points because the killers in this way would put more desire and would be more motivated to keep playing, otherwise it would be stressful. (fav killer)

  • Dark17Style7Dark17Style7 Member Posts: 6
    edited October 2021

    I agree I like both sides survivor and killer but they are unbalanced sometimes I think of giving up.

  • Josu55esJosu55es Member Posts: 1

    As a survivor main nowadays I see more killers giving up in the middle of the match even though they have done a very good game. Two or three years ago this didn’t happen, so yeah you are 100% right, they need to change the game and these new boom totems only makes killers to fell frustrated. Definitely as a survivor I don’t like this situation, is so easy to win that the game is becoming tooo easy.

  • SegBaRRSegBaRR Member Posts: 2

    Yes, you are right, this game has potential, although I hope that someday, the game will be balanced for survivors and assassins. Clearly that they balance it for the better and not for the worse. 

  • securesecure Member Posts: 1

    Currently the game is unbalanced against these people, I notice a lot that people are now lowering their rank and thus more disadvantage for new assassins.

    At the moment it is not very playable on the assassin's side.

  • ElfantasmaMoradoElfantasmaMorado Applicant Posts: 1

    I like DBD especially to have fun as a killer but sometimes I get bored when I play with premade. I only play killer for a while and then I go to survivor and then I go to another game

  • UberMachtUberMacht Member Posts: 1

    The game is very unfair for the assassins, the games are played with too much pressure and in high ranks playing with my favorite assassin, the trmapero, it is practically impossible and more against players connected by voice, besides that my michael mayers had a bug, do something or run out of killers, it's that easy.

  • RKnifeFoxRKnifeFox Member Posts: 2

    It's true that is a nightmare playing against red premades if you are playing as the killer, most of the games are imposible to do something or kill some survivor. Actually I play dbd very little, and when I play, I only play 1, 2, or 3 games as a killer, and then I go to play survivor with friends or I stop playing. I agree that the devs should improve the game and balance both sides, and also the devs should buff some killers that are in the low tierlist and make them more powerful so they could be in the same power level of the actual top tier (Nurse, Spirit, Nightmare, Huntress, Pyramid Head) or at least a similar power, because Killers like The Legion, Clown, Michael Myers, Demogorgon, etc. are powerless. Also, the devs should put an improvement in the lobby that warns the killer that will play against premade survivors. Oh, and the Hex Totems are becoming useless, and now with the Boon Totems will be almost impossible playing with Hex Totems...

    I hope the devs hear us and improve the game.

  • killerIsUnplayablekillerIsUnplayable Member Posts: 1
    edited October 2021

    I played on console and I switched to pc because it is unplayable because of the fps drop every time you play killer, and now that I'm on pc I realize how unplayable the game is for killers,

    I'm honestly not going to play killer anymore until I stop playing aggravating and stressful games.

  • Kevinkun98Kevinkun98 Member Posts: 1

    I will not play more killer until they balance the game.

  • LegionairLegionair Member Posts: 196

    "if any change is made for killers it would be unfair" but dbd has constantly nerfed killers and buffed survivors for years and thats fair???

  • deverauxs1deverauxs1 Member Posts: 1

    You are totally righ my friend!! i strongly reommend bhv the considerate change some thing in order make the killer game play easier. It`s really stressfull play as a killer now a days, this is not go to anywhere if you continious doig on that way guys, i really love dbd but is imposible doing as a killer, btw VHS is loking great and balance...

  • HakaiHakai Member Posts: 1

    I am tired of killers not being able to do anything against a premade in high mmr, I am main survi but I recognize that the survivor side has a very big advantage against killers in terms of voice communication.

  • Nathan13Nathan13 Member Posts: 5,628

    This is how the system is gonna be unfortunately. Eventually we’re just gonna have to adapt.

  • KVN97KVN97 Member Posts: 1

    DBD was one of the favorite games but as time went by the game became a hell for a killer against teams, for my part I will end up leaving the game since it is no longer fun for a killer for a team to communicate and that in 5 minutes the game is over and the killer couldn't even hang up.

  • NoxeriasNoxerias Member Posts: 93

    If you want a new asymmetrical horror game, there's always VHS that's about to come out. So far from what I've seen and heard it seems pretty balanced and it's free to play so it's already looking better than dbd.

  • josedarechjosedarech Member Posts: 1

    I think some killers should be stronger for the meta, now a premade is practically unstoppable with some killers in high rankings.

  • LeonarD0TLeonarD0T Member Posts: 1
    Playing killer is no longer funny

  • loveangelloveangel Member Posts: 2

    I will stop playing assassin for scam why you buy an assassin for its features and ala mere hour they take away their benefits make them weaker to that considerl a scam they sell you a unique DLC and you buy with real money and a month later they modify the product and is no longer worth it and by premade people who carry more advantages in terms of communication and much toxicity alo over time ... I hope they fix that balance the game

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  • loveangelloveangel Member Posts: 2

    I hope they improve more on consoles. Since the game doesn't feel real. Let them add the vibration function on the remote control. 

    Take that into consideration please .. I hope the content looks more playable and fun . Since little by little it's been losing that spark of terror. And there is a lot of imbalance . If not it is better to try other games or wait for them to release one better than this one. !

  • amazonico666amazonico666 Member Posts: 1

    Most assassins are not competitive even at low levels, Beauvoir is only interested in selling skins, too bad, I won't play as an acecin again until they improve the assassins. 😑

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