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Remove some killer perks for the sake of keeping the game alive and keeping new players

I have found another way how killers can kill the game for survivors before it even starts.

The game started of against Hag. She had the following perks; undying; ruin, bbq and chilli, and pop. On top of this she had purple addons. The hex totems was in shack as was basement, where she set traps along with traps around all the gens. The survivors had no tool boxes or flashlights, one player did have prove thy self who was trying to work on gens on her own.

The game went like this. Survivors get one gen done, the rest of the game had survivors getting trapped at every gen, where the killer appeared and killed them. The gen then regressed without the killer even having to go near it because of ruin. She then proceeded to take the survivor to the basement and then hover round the shack, waiting for another trap to go off. and she would move the survivor away from the gen, where it regressed to nothing before putting down another trap. and going back to shack, without chasing the survivor. There was no way to get to the hooked survivor or the hex as she was just guarding them and no way to do gens. The game was at a deadlock until the survivors just gave up. No skill was needed by the killer, just perks.

I love a challenge and do not get upset when I lose, but to have to just either walk to the killer or dc to end the game is stupid. That's not even close to a fair game. If I was a new player then I would have just uninstalled then gone a played something else. On a game where matchmaking and ranking has obviously been changed because of long waits, which still happen and games are so mismatched, surly any new player needs to see the potential and be given at least a chance to win. A new player comes into the game with no perks, then gets matched with a killer with all these perks, what chance do they have.

When I spoke to the killer after the game, he said that he did it to stop us gen rushing. We did one gen, how is this gen rushing?


  • Voodoo101Voodoo101 Member Posts: 237

    No, we could not get to the gens. I am all for killers rushing people on gens, its part of the game. Let me explain it in simple terms. Imagine you are a survivor and you spawn on the map, but you cannot move. The killer is able to come over to you and kill you, but you cannot move because the killer has a perk that makes all the survivors immobile. Or how about a game of soccer, where one team has a goal, but the other team has a the goal bricked up. Would you call this a fair game or would you call it balanced in the favour of one team. I've played against good hags, and been chased from gens and able to loop, sometimes escaping and sometimes getting killed. This was not a good hag, it was like a shooting game with aimbot, the trouble is that other games ban you from having aimbot, however DBD actively adds perks to make it killer sided.

    I know that there will now be a steam of killer mains screaming that it is survivor sided, but having been both a killer and survivor player, I can say that their are more perks to stop the survivor winning, without needing any skill, then perks to help the survivor to escape without needing skill. This game does not need much to balance it, just remove the option to have a build that negates the game. All I see on this forum is people begging to stop the saltiness and toxicity. People want to play the game in a fair way, to have a chance for both the killer and the survivors to be able to win and lose equally. The toxicity comes from the fact that it is too easy to stop one side or the other from having a fair game by playing in dirty ways, such as camping or using builds like this, or on survivor side, gen rushing or a team with flashlights. Both of these sides have come from the fact that people are worried about playing dirty on the other side.

    Its OK saying that this sounds a good way to play, but what happens when survivors decide that it's not worth playing.. Queues for killers are already long, when there are no survivors playing and Behavior starts having to add bots, how will that play, or worst still the game goes line many other online games and starts to die. Will it still be a great way to play?

  • darkshadows8326darkshadows8326 Member Posts: 234

    If you intend to have stronger meta killer perks removed then you must compensate by having even stronger survivor perks removed such as DS, BT, Adrenaline, Iron will, Dead Hard, All healing speed increase perks. You can't just screw over one side without expecting the other to get balanced nerfed.

  • GoshJoshGoshJosh Member Posts: 4,992

    Ah yes, let me just crouch walk over traps around a hooked survivor to get the unhook.. only for her to return right back and force us to trigger them all anyways.

  • BumbusBumbus Member Posts: 600

    If Hag is hanging around the hook it is just a regular camping and the solution is the same as for any other camping.

  • Dino7281Dino7281 Member Posts: 3,294
    edited October 2021

    Yeah, because survivors don't have nuclear options at all, right?

    You need to have different play-style against Hag and never let her set up web.

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  • Viktor1853Viktor1853 Member Posts: 815

    ok bait

  • xEmoGirlxAlexisxxEmoGirlxAlexisx Member Posts: 455

    Survivor have broken 2nd Chance Perks and are getting broken Boon Totems in the next Update .... nah remove Killer Perks because i got killed by a Hag and the Game isnt Survivor Sided enough

    I also have a good Idea why we dont give Killers a 1 Minutes CD on there Weapon Attacks its so unfair that a Killer can hit a Survivor 🤷🏻‍♀️

  • HaunterofShadowsHaunterofShadows Member Posts: 3,607

    HA no

  • randonlyrandonly Member Posts: 374
    edited October 2021

    She needs some adjustments, but not on the terms you said (perks), but in her power (traps). I will explain:

    As much as she is a killer without much game pressure in terms of chase (mainly because the base speed is set at 4.4 m/s), she manages to have a good map presence just like freddy (because of their power), but unlike him, she can put as many traps as she wants, since there's basically no cd between one trap and another and the limit of 10 is pretty high, while freddy's dream traps don't allow him to tp and only work to slow down >>if<< the survivor is sleeping.

    She can easily fill the ground near where the survivor is hooked with traps (camper) and >>>continue to patrol the generators<<< .

    How to counter that?

    1. Flashlight: Since we don't know which killer we're going to face, it's kind of pointless to score this item, but anyway, you still lose about 1 - 1.5s to remove a trap from the ground, which already takes a long time. Suggestion: Just by passing the flashlight, the traps should disappear

    2. Crouch: With the area full of traps and especially if that area is the basement, it's early game over for the survivor who was hooked there, no one will risk wasting time crouching there and this situation will easily create a snowball effect (same for bubba and trapper). Suggestion: crouching over the trap should make it disappear or remove the basement from the game, as the hooks have been reworked a long time ago and they don't permanently sabotaged (>>as long as the sacrificed survivors shouldn't break the hook permanently<<), or at least deny her from placing the traps in the hooked survivor's radius.

    3. SWF: in an ideal team of survivors, yes, she is one of the easiest killer to counter, since through communication, while someone is doing generator, others can defuse the traps (following where she put each one) when they know she is busy with another survivor.

    That is, while freddy was nerfed for far less, she remains a big problem, with practically only one way to deny her power (sfw), which should not be the reality in most matches.

    Ps: Not to mention that she was easily already classified as a tier A killer, and she has an easy learning curve. (and with the right add-ons, she was already A+ and up), but with the recent buff on add-on that increases her base speed to 4.8 m/s, she will easily go to tier S.

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