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Will you stop playing Slinger IF the PTB nerfs comes live?

Buily09Buily09 Member Posts: 2,104

Because as for me, I think I will.

Not because he will be nerfed (aka weaker killer), but because he will be clunky and unfun to play as.

If they would give him back at least his quick-scope, then he could still be playable (aka less fun, but still not feel super clunky).

And you guys?



  • ShinobuSKShinobuSK Member Posts: 3,597

    No. But I never played him cause I consider him not fun even before the nerf. So no need to pour BP into him for me now

  • PhasmamainPhasmamain Member Posts: 9,368

    I don’t play him much but if I wanted to play him the nerf wouldn’t stop me. I’ve mained old clown so I’m accustomed to underwhelming killers

  • DawnMadDawnMad Member Posts: 1,030

    I already don't play him much because the effort-reward ratio is awful. PTB won't change this much.

  • RougualRougual Member Posts: 511

    Yes, the charm is gone.

  • JasixJasix Member Posts: 1,195

    No. While he is not one of my top 3 mains - I would say I play him regularly. I tried him on PTB and didn't have much of a change in tactics or kill rate. I still had a blast with him the 6 games I played him on the PTB.

  • FFirebranddFFirebrandd Member Posts: 2,000
    edited October 2021

    It depends. It depends on how bad it feels to have to wait for the gun raising animation to fire and it depends how functional I can make him in spite of the idiotic 32m terror radius nerf with Undetectable perks.

    But... it doesn't look great, which is why I've been playing him more now before he gets nerfed for barely a good reason.

  • Nathan13Nathan13 Member Posts: 5,591

    I’m on console so I haven’t been able to test Deathslingers changes myself. Regardless of how I feel after, I still plan on playing him.

  • HippieHippie Member Posts: 1,003

    I actually plan on playing him MORE with the changes. I hated how cheap his gun felt and now it feels weighty and strong. The reduced stun from breaking the chain is awesome too and I love that I can still injure people in more impossible areas without having to just cancel my chain and reload with nothing to show for it. Getting down to 1.5 second stun with double reduced stun addons is fun too!

    And honestly, after playing him on the PTB extensively I really didn't notice a difference (gameplay wise) between his old and new TR. I haven't been using M&A on him lately anyway so that might be why. I'm glad they increased his TR over adding a lullaby because a lullaby can't be reduced but a TR can. A lullaby would have ACTUALLY been detrimental.

  • HippieHippie Member Posts: 1,003

    I meant cheap as in the way it handles, not in it's power. It didn't feel like it had any weight to it and with the PTB changes I actually feel like I'm holding a gun. Feels kinda like ranged Legion now, and I think it's fun. 😛

  • White_OwlWhite_Owl Member Posts: 3,594

    Nope. I tend to not rely on quickscopes, I prefer to take my time to properly aim, nor I tried being stealthy with him, so I doubt the changes will affect me much.

  • HippieHippie Member Posts: 1,003
    edited October 2021

    I'm sorry that people find PTB Slinger unfun to play, but I personally enjoy playing him a lot more now. I respect everyones' opinions on PTB Slinger, of course, but I have my own.

    Not to mention, I didn't make the PTB changes, nor did I ask for them. I appreciate them, though. Don't appreciate your snark however.

  • legacycoltlegacycolt Member Posts: 931


  • fcbfcb Member Posts: 100

    I won't buy the dlc.

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