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Something all killers should do...



  • InspireInspire Member Posts: 123
    edited October 2021

    Literally just run DS. And I'm saying this because anytime I play in solos or in a 2 or 3 man, my other teammate NEVER has DS and complains about getting tunneled out of the game.

  • SirGandoSirGando Member Posts: 374

    exactly. killers for some reason are expected to play nice.....I never understood that logic...

  • ShakeyGamesShakeyGames Member Posts: 138

    I am genuinely surprised at all the comments on this post. It's a GAME. A GAME. YOU'RE NOT AN ACTUAL MURDERER. THIS ISN'T REAL.

    You're not a brutal killer, you're an ordinary person sitting in front of a computer screen playing an online game with other people. You're not "making them suffer", you are playing a game. Jesus.

    I myself play in a very fair manner too, as I mentioned, never going for the unhooked. And I get 4ks consistently. I let the unhooked survivor leave safely because I feel like I am in control, so my "good deed" can't go punished. If I feel insecure during the match, then I go for the vulnerable person. Just don't tunnel when you don't have to.

    This post is coming from a killer's perspective. But sure buddy.

  • KerJuiceKerJuice Member Posts: 1,479

    I feel your pain, OP. We’ve all been there. As for your suggestion, that’s exactly what I do when I play killer. I’ll even try to take it a step further (depending on how the game is going and what killer/build I’m using) and leave those two altogether. Try and chase someone off a gen. For example, Impossible skill check Doc…let the unhooked heal the recently unhooked while I drive the other two madness up, kick their gen for overcharge, have them miss skill checks with Unerving, down one, rinse and repeat. You work harder but when you win, feels better. No one can talk ######### and say you tunneled or camped. Now if you just happen to finish getting healed after being unhooked and ran into me on the OTHER side of the map away from where you were last hooked, then that’s on you. I’m not THAT nice lol.

  • pseudechispseudechis Member Posts: 2,538

    Once again the onus is on the killer player to modify their game in order to account for how others want to play.

    That's what needs to stop.

    Its like asking survivors to make sure they pause and heal before hopping back on gens to slow down the gen rush, if the killer approaches don't keep working on the gen to complete it in their face and then use the sprint from the hit to run away from them. You should just start running otherwise this isn't fun for them.

    Also never blind a killer after stunning them at a pallet or while they are breaking a pallet this is taking advantage of an animation they are forced to do and blinding them while they are doing it is unfun.

    See how ridiculous it all sounds.

    If you get unhooked in the face of the killer then should expect to be hunted down as you are now the weak link. You are hurt and probably close to death it'd be a foolish play to let you get away and reset the match.

    If your team mate takes the aggro then good on them if they don't then bad them. But don't expect a killer to leave you be out of courtesy because that flies in the face of the game itself.

    I hate it when the psychopathic serial killer brutally murders in a rude way.

    If you find yourself getting really tilted by being camped/tunneled then the solution is don't get caught, play more cautiously, coordinate your saves and try not to hang around the hook. If you are being chased lead the killer away from hooked survivor so others can get the save.

    Don't rely on or expect the killer to be nice.

    I never expect survivors to be anything but obnoxious and in my face, but I appreciate when they aren't and may give hatch or an escape to folks who played well in a manner that I enjoyed but that's up to me not them, I can't nor should dictate their fun! (I can't stress this enough).

    I don't want friendly killers I want scary survival horror, I don't want to get caught because that means I'll probably get killed, anything less is a limp horror survival experience.

  • Marik13Marik13 Member Posts: 683

    Nah, sorry not gonna do this. Look, I get it, it's annoying, blah blah blah, I see the complaints literally every hour of the day on the forums. But that's really entitled to tell the other players how to play. Why should I as the killer not punish the survivors for making a bad play and unhook in front of me? Like I will admit I do feel bad when I get back to the hook and all I see is the one survivor who was just unhooked still lingering around. But when I have 3-4 gens already popped, and I only have 3 hooks in, sorry but I gotta do what I gotta do because the survivors sure as hell aren't taking it easy on me. It's not my fault that your teammate unhooked you and ran off to hide before I got back to the hook.

    So if anything my biggest point is why killers are always the ones that need to take it easy on the survivors? In my games the survivors aren't taking it easy on me, slamming out gens and running god loops like it ain't nothing. If I decide to chase 1 survivor for too long, do the other survivors stop and think, "you know...the killer has only had 1 hook in, and we've already knocked out 3 gens, and I've got this gen at 99%...yeah let me stop and go and let the killer get some more hooks in." Yeah no, this doesn't happen. So again sorry, I really truly am, but it's part of the game. I don't see people going in to a CoD lobby and telling the enemy team to take it easy on them if they over extend or make a dumb play.

  • CrowmanCrowman Member Posts: 4,918

    If survivors are rushing to unhook in front of my face, I'm not going to feel sorry for slugging the unhooked survivor.

    Bad plays need to be punished.

  • MunqaxusMunqaxus Member Posts: 2,752

    You know it was a Killer player that said this, not a survivor player.

  • JPLongstreetJPLongstreet Member Posts: 2,913

    The only true "tunnel" I really have a problem with is when the killer is camping like hell, purposely dances around the unhooking to hit the unhookie and proct Borrowed, then follows the unhookie and downs, eats the DS, then follows to hit and hook again, swimming around teammates trying to bodyblock. And not during endgame either, with no teabagging or other toxic behavior to earn this.

    When this happens while one or no gens have even been done yet is especially depressing. Dead at 2970 bloodpoints and never even touched a gen is fun as well. Plus it's just lovely when the only response from the killer after is "I chose you to die, and i made sure" and the like, if you even get a response.

    Yes my fellow survs should concentrate on gens during a camp, but in solo it's hard to communicate this. I don't play DBD as much as I used to, but still watch this done or have it happen to me at least twice a week.

  • pseudechispseudechis Member Posts: 2,538

    That still doesn't lend it any credit, half the time identifying as one side of the other is just silly as its a game play both or miss out on half your purchase. I prefer killer as survivor is kinda dull but it does have its moments so its still worth playing.

    If someone who plays killer wants to do this then that's entirely up to them but making a blanket call that all killers should play like this is just silly. Play how you want to play.

  • VoriisVoriis Member Posts: 131

    When you pay for my game and dlcs then you can tell me how to play. Until then I stab whom I see.

  • steponmeadirissteponmeadiris Member Posts: 222

    I'll hit them once. If their rescuer had BT, they can run off and go mend themself. If they go down, I leave them on the ground while I chase the person who unhooked them. Strategy-wise, these are the best plays I can make in the situation. If I down and hook their rescuer, go back, and find that the downed person hasn't been picked up, that's on their teammates, not me.

  • JimbusCrimbusJimbusCrimbus Member Posts: 1,037

    You're suggesting I reward the stupid, cocky plays of survivors running every second chance in the book regardless of how I play, simultaneously putting myself at an intentional disadvantage and not doing my objective the most efficient way possible?

  • RivynRivyn Member Posts: 2,969

    Your team mate unhooked in front of the killer. Why is it the killers fault for making the logical choice in going after the weaker survivor?

    Why is it never the survivors fault for making the incorrect choice? Blame them. The killers job is to kill. Why hamstring them from their role because your team makes faulty choices?

    The fact that GF could down you right then an there is just an indication your team mate was farming you. Yet I don't see anywhere in your post that you blame them for their lack of discretion. Or foresight, seeing as they didn't have BT.

  • MrCalac123MrCalac123 Member Posts: 1,130

    If the Survivors play sweaty, I do too. Simple.

  • AxxAxx Member Posts: 386

    The current game balance doesn't allow playing "nice" against survivors that know how to play. If you try to 12 hook, you will lose.

  • thrawn3054thrawn3054 Member Posts: 5,275

    No rational person will say you should never do it. All most reasonable players want is it to not be the default.

    DH, fair enough. DS and BT do nothing if you don't tunnel.

  • R2kR2k Member Posts: 1,069

    Ds shouldn't work once gate is open. It's my only issue. Bt is fine but was good for joke.

  • ThiccBudhhaThiccBudhha Member Posts: 6,504

    Why not both? With my chainsaw, I do not even need to make such ethical decisions. You should try it. You end up feeling much more satisfied at your wins when you disgrace them twice as hard.

  • StarLostStarLost Member Posts: 6,305


    On one hand, I absolutely try to avoid being 'scummy' to play against, unless you do something deliberately scummy first (or bring a key). On the other hand - sometimes it just happens (the unhook runs directly into you) and often it becomes necessary if only to slow the current break-neck speed of the game down slightly.

  • RenRenRenRen Member Posts: 1,349

    Yeah no. Not a single game where that has happened has that been a good idea for me. Also It's not a matter of skill in that matter. Also SBMM is on so not every game is easy even if you tunnel. In fact it still is hard.

  • KaliniktaKalinikta Member Posts: 695

    It is a game it is a game, yet you are so upset that someone tries and plays efficiently. The hypocrisy of these type of posts is astonishing, when do Survivors show any concern about the fun the killer is having? If it is all a game, why do we see more posts of how stressful, unfun, unrelenting it is to playing killer?

    You might feel in control, but how many hours do you have, how many hours do your opponents have? The fact in this game is that Survivor's are the actual people in control, if they unhook in front of your face... why is that the killers problem? Do you ever see people go... the killer is overcommitting to a chase, lets stop working on gens? Lets not tap that gen and let it regress to zero? That gen at 80% lets start a new one, because the killer took time to kick it? Lets be real here, skilled players will capitalize on the mistakes made by the other team and use opportunities presented to them. Your notion that they are not skilled or good is false.

  • UnderdawgUnderdawg Member Posts: 184

    People on the forum: "Tunneling and camping are a part of the game. Deal with it. Run DS and BT."

    Also people on the forum: "I'm tired of all these sweaty survivors constantly running these meta perks!"


    I feel similar to you OP. Then again, I don't really play killer to "win". Most of the games I play as killer, the only meta perk I see proc is DH. Only time I will tunnel is when someone tries to body block me with BT - but like someone said earlier "I can count to 12". Or sometimes when they BM during chase b/c they want my attention.

    I will give props to the forum for convincing me to never go to the exit gates. That has saved me a lot of disappointment. I just go around breaking doors, pallets, and doing other last second BP farming.

  • kld3169kld3169 Member Posts: 94

    Thank you! As a killer, we are not you friends. We are there to kill. Sometimes I go after the 'unhooker', sometimes I stick the hooked one right back up there if I need to get one out of the game quickly. All depends on the flow of the game as to whether or not to tunnel, camp etc. I never do it to be 'toxic' or whatever you want to call it - whichever way wins the game.

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