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Nurse is both the best and worst killer in the game.

Everyone thinks that Nurse is basically like a free win once you get good at her, but she is very very difficult to master and even harder to stay good with. Even before in red ranks, Nurse wasn't exactly the best killer in fact she was always the worst killer in nearly all the statistics after her rework. No matter how much I want to say it isn't the case it's pretty much simply a chore to play Nurse because you have to be on top of your game every game.

The only reason that Nurse is the best killer is that some players who play Nurse are amazing with her, but even they have rough matches. To stay amazing at Nurse, you need to play Nurse a lot like go a few days from playing and you will be awful when you try playing her again so constant practice.

The Nurse needs desperately to have Qol changes because all this stuff is also paired up with the fact Nurse has 4 decent addons and that's it, the other ones aren't worth running at all I wish they made it so the addons like some of the other killers made Nurse different to play instead of like useless additions and I don't even wanna start about how awful the pink addons are.

Not to mention Nurse has a lot of bugs and I mean a lot, like you cant go one game anymore without at least seeing one bug the most annoying of them all is the blink bug and the cant instantly hit after a blink bug which again I see nearly every game now.

The only reason people want to pretend that Nurse is horrifying to play against always is that they don't want Nurse to be fixed, so they say because a few Nurse mains are good nearly all the time that that's the reason why she doesn't deserve Qol changes and should stay broken.

All I want is some nice changes because it's getting kind of meh playing a buggy broken killer that never gets any positive changes ever. I don't mean to sound so pessimistic, but it kind of is awful to play as Nurse when every game you get broken buggy matches paired with just simply console issues.

(Sorry for the long thing post, but I just really am getting frustrated with the lack of information on whether or not the developers understand that Nurse isn't exactly in a good place right now.)



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