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Question for Killer mains! Please help

Frontdoor6Frontdoor6 Member Posts: 609
edited October 2021 in General Discussions

I'm working on changing my killer builds, for the past few years, i've been running Whispers on every killer. But i've decided to try replacing Whispers with a more useful perk, a perfect perk for each killer. Like Strider for Spirit or Tinkerer on Hillbilly. Some i've decided, but have not yet found in the bloodweb, but some killers i've drawn a blank with.

I'm wondering if you guys can help me. We can make it into a game. I'll tell you the perks i'm using, but you guys tell me the last one and why you chose that one.

-Fill in the blanks-

  • Trapper: Nurses, Ruin, BBQ, .....
  • Hag: Nurses, Ruin. BBQ, .....
  • Leatherface: Iron Maiden, Ruin, BBQ, .....
  • Pig: Nurse, Ruin, BBQ, .....
  • Clown: Nurses, Ruin, BBQ, .....
  • Demo: Bamboozle, Ruin, BBQ, .....
  • Oni: Sloppy, Ruin, BBQ, ....
  • Blight: Nurses, Ruin, BBQ, .....
  • Nemesis: Bamboozle, Ruin, BBQ, .....
  • Twins: Nurses, Ruin, BBQ, ....
  • Pinhead: Bamboozle, Ruin, BBQ, .....

Remember, fill in the blanks with a new perk perfect for that killer and explain your choice.

Yeah, i know, i use the same perks alot, But i find them very useful and i don't plan on swapping the mentioned perks out soon, unless i get a better build idea.

I look forward to your answers.

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  • botraxbotrax Member Posts: 633

    Ok just put pgtw in all of those build its easy like that.

    On another note i dont think leatherface can run iron will.

  • ShroompyShroompy Member Posts: 2,476

    gotta be quiet in the basement or else the sneaky survivors will hear you

  • Frontdoor6Frontdoor6 Member Posts: 609

    Trust me, people see a chainsaw coming up, they dive into a locker

  • PulsarPulsar Member Posts: 10,708

    Trapper ~ Corrupt Intervention. It will buy you time to set-up your traps and can help make a killer three-gen which will be very strong for you.

    Hag ~ Corrupt Intervention. Trap Killers benefit a lot from Corrupt, it really gives you time to set up an area.

    Leatherface ~ I'm assuming that Iron Will is supposed to be Iron Grasp, so I'll say if you want that sort of build, run Iron Grasp, Agitation, Mad Grit and Starstruck.

    Pig ~ Run PGTW. Good gen regression and can help keep those late-game gens from popping too fast.

    Clown ~ Run Brutal Strength. The counter to Clown is to drop pallets, so you are gonna eat them, a lot. Brutal helps you get through them slightly faster.

    Demo ~ To be honest, I recommend "Battle Demo." Enduring, Spirit Fury, PGTW and BBQ (or Ruin) with Barb's Glasses and Black Heart. It's just nice to Shred through pallets.

    Oni ~ Infectious Fright. Perhaps his best perk. This will maximize the usage you get out of your Blood Fury.

    Blight ~ PGTW, Undying or Tinkerer. Any of these help Blight become oppressive in his gen patrol, if you are good.

    Nemesis ~ Save The Best For Last is great on Nemmy. His tentacle will let you save stacks but the cooldown reduction from STBFL is sooooo worth it.

    Twins ~ Knockout. You're probably gonna be slugging anyway, so might as well use Knockout.

    Pinhead ~ Hoarder's. Hoarder's will let you see when Survivors pick up the box, and the Box is his power.

  • StarLostStarLost Member Posts: 3,700

    Honestly, why are you running BBQ and Ruin on everyone?

    Ruin is incredibly dependent on map and luck - even at my terrible MMR, it gets cleansed early on at least 50% of the time, even with Undying. The only time I use Ruin now is when I'm playing an M1 killer, and I'm going all in on hexes with Retribution and Haunted Ground.

    But okay:

    Instadown and stealthy killers would likely get far more value out of Surge/Pop than Ruin/Undying. I'm using Surge more and more these days - it's just so good.

    BBQ is okay, but mostly exists for the farm. Tink, Discordance and even Surveillance are more likely to give you better information.

    On the killers you listed (that I know fairly well):

    • STBFL is absolutely gorgeous on Nurse, Doctor (hah!) and any other CD based killer.
    • Pig and most other M1 killers do wonderfully with Devour Hope and NOED.
    • Nurses only really works well on extremely fast killers, from my experience (Blight, Wraith), and sort of forces Sloppy in another slot. Even then, I seldom use it - healing is just so fast now.
    • Infectious Fright is absolutely incredible on any killer that works around short 'instadown' windows (Bubba, Myers, GF etc.). I don't usually use it as I hate slugging, but it can take you to multiple kills in a short period of time.
    • Don't sleep on Monitor and Abuse, especially on killers with naturally small terror radiuses. It's hard to put objectively, but it will make chases and interceptions so much easier.
  • Exxodus21Exxodus21 Member Posts: 725

    Franklin's on Hag can be her strongest perk if the survivors bring items. Trap the items after knocking them put of their hands and they usually keep going back for them.

  • EvilBarney666EvilBarney666 Member Posts: 137

    As a killer main since I started playing this game when Myers came out. I can tell you the most important things you need are: 1. Tracking Perks and 2. Gen Defense. Those will serve you well.

    On most of my killers I run a basic build. It changes depending on the killer I am using. But a great basic load out is.

    1:BBQ and Chili. Tracking and bonus BP.

    2: Discordance. It takes a solo survivor about 80 seconds to do a gen. Now if you have 2 on a gen it can be 40 seconds or so givin perks and toolboxes etc. It let's you know where 2 survivors are.

    3:Pop goes the weasel. Gen defense. Hook someone kick their Gen regress 25% and it keeps regressing till they touch it.

    4: can be interchangeable dependent on killer used. I find that Corrupt Intervention is good to heard the survivors more towards you. But you could replace with save the best if your using someone like nemesis so it can change.

    That's my standard build and it works well for most killers.

  • SlothGirlySlothGirly Member Posts: 1,146
    edited October 2021

    I know you said you're not likely to change your perks, but I highly, highly recommend you remove Nurses from your builds. In practise it's actually a very weak information perk and I would swap if for any of the following: Surveillance, Tinkerer, Lethal Pursuer, Corrupt Intervention or Hex: Undying.

    You should also consider watching Otzdarva's best build for every killer video released just this week.

  • IWFreakIWFreak Member Posts: 214

    For Trapper and Demo, I recommend Save The Best For Last. Because they have an option select.

    For Hag, Make Your Choice. First this removes incentive to camp with her, while also rewarding you. (I hate camping Hags with a passion)

    Leatherface, Enduring or Whispers. Enduring for aggressive pallet plays, Whispers for just general knowledge, it also REALLY helps in the end when checking doors.

    Pig, Sloppy Butcher for extra slowdown, which also pairs well with Nurses.

    Clown, Bamboozle cuz windows are his greatest enemy.

    Oni, (this gonna be a weird one) since good survivors will INSTANTLY heal against Oni, Death bound. I have come to LOVE this perk, and not only on Oni.

  • StarLostStarLost Member Posts: 3,700

    Enduring and Spirit Fury can also do well on Clown, but I absolutely hate playing him so I'm far from an expert.

    Absolutely yes to CI, on any 'zone control' killer, or killers that rely on getting early chases/downs/stalks. It's probably one of the two perks that I need to start using more.

    Another trick - if you are trying for a 3 gen, you absolutely want to bring Surge. The second you manage to get a 3 gen (or even a decent 4 gen grouping), it becomes a gigantic wall of regression. Hag with Pop+DH+Surge+CI is quickly becoming my go to 'yeah, I need a win' build.

  • ThiccBudhhaThiccBudhha Member Posts: 4,424

    Leatherface depends. Bamboozle for normal play and Agitation for Basement Bubba.

  • Frontdoor6Frontdoor6 Member Posts: 609
    edited October 2021

    Trapper and Hag: perks are good ideas, though i would've thought Hag would've got Make Your Choice. But i'll take this in mind

    Leatherface: was right, i use Iron WILL. When survivors see me charging a chainsaw, they dive into a locker to avoid it, this counters that. Also, i'm not really looking for a basement build.

    Pig: seems useful

    Demo: its not my usual build, but Pgtw could be useful i guess

    Blight: Same as Demo

    Nemesis: I'll have to look into that one, if you recommend it so highly, there must be something to it

    Twins: I try not to slug. Are there any perks that work while playing Victor?

    Pinhead: I thought of that one too

    Thanks for the answers

  • StarLostStarLost Member Posts: 3,700

    MYC is usually just not worth the slot. It can be...okay, if you really want to go for a camping style (I hate doing this), but for instadown power, it's usually far easier to make Devour Hope work. Once survivors realize that you have MYC, they'll begin to play around it. Plus, Devour Hope is super easy to get - Hag is one of the most underestimated killers in the game (she's easily my strongest killer, and so few groups really know how to handle her).

    PGTW is a brilliant perk on 'winning' or 'even' games. It won't do much to turn around a game where you are already struggling though. If you aren't regularly ending chases with a hook, it's really mediocre.

  • Frontdoor6Frontdoor6 Member Posts: 609

    Devour is useful if it lasts, but if its found early, its a slot wasted

  • SlothGirlySlothGirly Member Posts: 1,146

    as a second reply, I'll add what I think you should run and also I'll give you a build I'd recommend to have fun while still remaining a bit competitive. Gotta have some meme games sometimes. I do emplore you to reconsider Nurses though.


    • Nurses, Ruin, Tikerer, STBL. (BBQ is not a great perk on Trapper as he is very territorial, you dont want to be leaving your web of traps and instead try defending a set group of gens.)
    • Corrupt Intervention, No Way Out, STBL, Ruin.


    • Nurses, Ruin, BBQ, Corrupt Intervention.
    • Corrupt Intervention, Make Your Choice, Ruin, Bitter Murmur.


    • Insidious, Ruin, BBQ, Bamboozle.
    • Insidious, Agitation, Iron Grasp, NOED.

    Pig (my ex main):

    • Nurses, Ruin, BBQ, Corrupt Intervention.
    • Ruin, Knockout, Surveillance, Thanataphobia. (Make sure to use the Face Mask addon with this build, and just slug all survivors.)


    • Nurses, Ruin, BBQ, Spirit Fury.
    • Spirit Fury, Ruin, Corrupt Intervention, Enduring.


    • Bamboozle, Ruin, BBQ, STBL.
    • Territorial Imperative, Make Your Choice, Agitation, Corrupt Intervention. (place a portal at the top of basement and when you see Territorial proc, just tp back after the MYC proc)


    • Ruin, BBQ, Tinkerer, Corrupt Intervention. (DO NOT USE SLOPPY ON ONI, he's an insta down killer and many survivors will just ignore healing against him.)
    • Tinkerer, Corrupt Intervention, Bamboozle, Ruin.


    • Any build you want, just make sure you have Shadowborn.


    • Bamboozle, Ruin, BBQ, Lethal Pursuer.
    • Lethal Pursuer, Ruin, Corrupt Intervention, STBL.


    • I'm really nit sure what to build on them tbh, but I imagine Ruin and Corrupt are always good choices.


    • Bamboozle, Ruin, BBQ, Hoarder.
    • Hoarder, Ruin, Lethal Pursuer, Franklins Demise.

  • StarLostStarLost Member Posts: 3,700
    edited October 2021

    I used to think like this, until I started trying to use it more.

    Think of it like this:

    Survivors don't want to totem hunt at the best of times. The only time they will usually bother is when Ruin is in play (I try not to run DH and Ruin together for this reason).

    Until you hit 3 stacks and start instadowning people, they will have no idea that DH is happening. By this time, a few things have likely happened.

    • Gens have been done, narrowing the area of the map where survivors will naturally be.
    • Survivors have already been hooked multiple times, and at least one is probably dead.
    • You have a 'feel' for where survivors will be, and they will have areas where they want to be.
    • You have a good idea where the totem is located in relation to the survivors and remaining gens.

    Now, they have to - even in the worst case scenario - go off the beaten path to hunt for your totems, all while you are able to regress gens and hunt *them* down - now with the ability to instadown if they make a single mistake. This usually means at least 1 more kill before they find it, and possibly multiple additional hooks - that they will have to be legitimately careful unhooking.

    Combine this with Undying if you want (it now transfers the tokens) and it can become a game winner. Once it hits 5 stacks, if even a single gen remains, it's usually GG. Even if they do cleanse it, it's probably bought you valuable time at a point in the game where you most need it.

    It's not great on all killers, especially ones that can already instadown - and yes, you will have the occasional game where it gets cleansed early - but it's hard to overstate how strong DH is, even if it never reaches 5 stacks.

  • PulsarPulsar Member Posts: 10,708

    Leatherface: Iron Will is not a Killer perk, I believe you mean Iron Maiden. I would recommend you swap this out and instead hit the locker with the saw. Most Survivors do not know the timing, which will result in either a down or a grab.

    Twins: Victor is really really really good at slugging and camping, and unfortunately not much else. Most perks do not have any functionality with him due to straight up not working.

    Demo and Blight: Battle Demo is super fun, but that Blight Build can be a little boring at lower MMR.

  • TicTacTicTac Member Posts: 2,174

    Dont use stridor on spirit. On a survivor without iron will, the loud sounds can make it harder to pinpoint the location imo and its useless against survivor with iron will.

    It was only a common perk on spirit bc it countered old iron will.

  • Frontdoor6Frontdoor6 Member Posts: 609
    edited October 2021

    Damn, i got them mixed up. Iron Will, Iron Maiden, whats next?...Iron Feet?

  • Corrupt for slow/setup killers and undying for everyone else i think.

  • TicTacTicTac Member Posts: 2,174
    edited October 2021

    If your loadout is BBQ, Nurses, Ruin you could use sloppy for better tracking while phasing with bloodpools and synergy with nurses.

    Or, if you want standard things, you could use undying (or haunted/thrill) to protect the ruin or pop as backup for ruin or corrupt bc its always helpful.

    But you want a special perk for every killer, right? If sloppy is too common, you can use predator or bloodhound for better tracking in phase, but those perks are not neccessary and weak.

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