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NEW MMR - New feedback to improve this mmr

etms51etms51 Member Posts: 438
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From last night's answer with the live on mmr which is based on kill / escape, I told myself that this mmr is not right but there are other variables that must be compared between survivors and killer. Here are the variables that need to be added in the future:

from survivor

  • How long did you loop that killer
  • How many pallets did you waste in the first few seconds of the game
  • How many times have you been injured by survivor
  • How many flashlight saves have you done?
  • How many generators on average do you make in a game
  • The hours you've played as a survivor this week and with what character
  • The hours you played as a survivor in the month and with which character
  • How many deaths in the week/month
  • How many escapes in this week/month
  • How many good skillchecks of generators performed always in this week/Months
  • How many excellent skillchecks of generators performed always in this week/Months
  • Hours played by survivor in week/month/
  • Hours played in general from survivor
  • How many totems you have cleansed
  • Grade and Ranks from survivor
  • How many keys did you use to open the hatch
  • How many times have you escape of the hatch
  • How many flashlight did you do to the killer to get stunned
  • How many flashlight have you missed so as not to stun that killer

from the killer

  • How many chases of that killer you used last.
  • How many pallets did you break with that killer day/Week/Month
  • How many unbroken pallets
  • Grade and Ranks
  • How many survivors have escaped the trial
  • How many survivor have died the trial
  • How many times have you closed the hatch
  • How many games have you played with that killer
  • How many totems did not explode
  • how much pressure you put on the generators
  • How much you change the target of the survivors
  • How much did you play that killer in daily / weekly / monthly
  • How many hours in total have you played with the various killers
  • how many times have you closed the hatch
  • How many times this killer has been stunned by the flashlight
  • How many times this killer hasn't been stunned by the flashlight

I think these variables are interesting to significantly improve the mmr to be more precise.

I hope which your devs adds these variables.

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  • R2kR2k Member Posts: 1,071

    Mb by killer? I don't think u want survivor slap each other.

    Everything else seems fine to me.

  • DelsKibaraDelsKibara Member Posts: 3,127

    presses 1 to point at a survivor's ass cheeks

    Instantly injured

  • Dino7281Dino7281 Member Posts: 3,300

    I might be fine with just escape / kill, but only if it was for every survivor same based on result of the game, not individual.

    That is just bad and promotes selfish playing.

  • SeraphorSeraphor Member Posts: 2,790
    edited October 2021

    All of these things can vary by map, killer, team mates. In the end we'd end up with a complicated system that probably isn't any more accurate.

    Ultimately, if you're consistently escaping/killing more than avarage, then you're doing something (whether it's playing better, or using cheap tactics, doesn't really matter) that your opponents can't compete with. Thus, you get matched with higher MMR opponents who can compete.

    Using kills and escapes as the metric makes sense, the nuance is in grading a kill or an escape, and how much that kill or escape should influence your MMR.

  • JacoPanzaJacoPanza Member Posts: 1

    I agree with everything you have proposed, at least it is a good step for a change what dead by daylight needs.

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