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We've been made aware of error messages when attempting to purchase the Rift pass. The team is currently investigating, and we'll post an update as soon as we have more information.

UPDATE: This issue should no longer occur. Players who were affected may still be missing currency and/or unable to spend Auric Cells. We are working on a solution to resolve this and restore missing currency, and will update you as soon as possible.

Why wasn't the key nerf implemented immediately?

That's what happened with moris, right? Immediate nerf, with no notice. It was done on purpose to stop killers from spamming moris, since they weren't gonna be usable after the nerf. Why then were keys handled differently? I question so much of the double standards in this game. All I want is a little balance and consistency. Keys were ridiculously broken, and now we're getting half-measures on the nerf? Now, keys are just getting spammed in regular matches. Some matches contain multiple keys. Why did it take so long to nerf keys? Who knows? It didn't come soon enough, that's for sure. But now we see, without a shadow of a doubt: strong killer things get nerfed to the ground all of a sudden, and strong survivor things maybe get nerfed after people have saved the date.



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