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Why is this considered toxic

So something got me thinking survivors will call the killer toxic for bringing high power add-ons and a mori and call them toxic but tbe survivor will bring DS and other high powered perks why is it considered toxic then.


  • justbecausejustbecause Member Posts: 1,521

    Because y'all care about drama and pay attention and give attention to ppl like that...

  • scenekillerscenekiller Member Posts: 765

    Everyone calls everything toxic because almost nobody in this community knows what it means.

    It's an easy way for someone to make themselves feel better for losing.

  • Nathan13Nathan13 Member Posts: 6,084

    Everything both sides bring is “toxic” let’s just put it that way.

  • TheGannManTheGannMan Member Posts: 9,324

    Existing in DBD is toxic.

  • It's Double Standard.

  • El_GingeroEl_Gingero Member Posts: 1,147

    Reject weakness.

  • megswifeymegswifey Member Posts: 822

    It isn't toxic unless you play toxic. People who used to stick gens with DS and force the killer to pick them up to use it were being a bit mean and killers who would pack a mori to spam it were also being mean. That doesn't mean everyone who brings those perks or add ons are toxic or rude, but it just became a popular use for them. Nowadays DS isn't as strong which is great, but people still complain and think it's too OP. Moris were nerfed to be used when second stage is reached and some people still think it's too powerful. Honestly as long as you play fair and don't BM you're fine :)!

  • Starr43Starr43 Member Posts: 866

    You’re all good. Some people take it seriously and some actually just joke around to get a rise out of someone. Whenever I play with gal pal she puts a key on if she needs to escape for a daily and I say in my nerdiest voice “letchs be tawkkshick shurrviverrrrs, we’re sho tawkkkkshickkkkkk” lol letch put on tool bakshuz with bee-N- peezzz and gen rush” *tehe snort laugh* 😝

    If the killer literally just kicks a gen.. “uh ohh.. hejz a shweaty tawkshich shweatlord”. Lol

    I’ve messaged it to random teammates that have last second swapped to say “THAT’s TOXIC!” but I made sure they knew I was 100% joking and it’s all good.

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