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We need to talk about the hackers problem...

Today I encountered my first hacker and he almost ruined my graphics card while teabagging me, he head oned me while not being in a locker, when i downed him he insta healed and other things. Basically they had power over the entire game + he had all the perks at the same time. When I wanted to report him the entire in-game report page was blocked with a wall of "n-words are f-words". I asked him why he does this thing. They replied with: "because devs don't ban hackers", and then he changed my first message with a wall of n-words.

I'm really scared because I did some research and I found a site where you can buy hacks for 20 dollars that have the exact pack that my hacker had. They can basically change every single aspect of the game: can turn your perks off, can get everyone's IP, can froze/brick someone's device with flashlights.

I don't hate devs. I don't know if they want the best out of this community but I spent 2k+ hours in this game and I love it. I don't want my PC bricked by someone that is trolling and doesn't have repercussions...



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