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How to have fun after SBMM

I wasn't playing the game for 3 weeks(cmon you know why, i was tired of blight and nurses with the usual build) so i decided to come back and play around 50 survivor games and lose on purpose. Why? is not about having easy games, is about having variety for me.

After this intentional "de-mmr" I'm finally having fun again, i see other killers, damn when is last time I've seen a clown legion or Myers?

And now that I've reached this MMR score i will keep it no matter what, i will die at end game on purpose and occasionally leave through hatch (cause it doesn't count as win).

Why am I posting my experience? To incentivate others that were in my same situation to do the same.

This game is not balanced to be played competitively, and lose my mind at high MMR is not worth.


  • KevinnnnyKevinnnny Member Posts: 28

    My TLDR for this is:

    You don't.

  • TheMadCatTheMadCat Member Posts: 2,079

    Myers is all I got since the MMR is out. I've escaped ten times in a row, and I thought I will finally see someone else...

    No. Myers again.

    I died a lot of time in a row...


    Maybe I should lower my MMR too, especially since I'm not the best player out there. I wish I was meeting different Killers.

  • xEaxEa Member Posts: 2,972

    I often play in a group with less experienced people simple because (apprat from that i like these people) I love to see a Myers or even a Pig here and there.

  • AudisAudis Member Posts: 4
    edited October 2021

    You hit the nail on the head. Only the high tier killers with slowdown perks are able to stay at high MMR, since the more average killers can't compete at the same level.

    The game's direction is extremely conflicted:

    They've forced Skill-Based MM on everyone, and then they admitted it doesn't use skill as a measure, but if you've escaped by any means. Or how many kills you got even if thanks to facecamping, tunnelling or NOED. They've also publicly admitted that they don't know wth is happening in terms of balance and that it's so all over the place they're not even trying to make it fair.

    They're balancing the game around 1v1 and solo queue, while ignoring the fact that killers have to often play against coordinated teams with comms.

    They're calling killers wee-bit overpowered or them being a coin-flip to play against, while people playing them in high MMR are clearly struggling, because survivors are outplaying them in chases or doing 5 generators faster than they can possibly get hooks.

    It would be easier if they at least did something against the constant BM, because being a clown for 4 survivors gets old really fast.

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