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I never had an issue with solo q. It’s all I ever played as survivor really. It’s been terrible since MMR started. The teammates are bad. I started running bond, kindred, and open handed to see what my teammates were doing. Match after match I watched self care constantly being used behind trees and in corners. People hiding in the corner while a survivor is hooked, not helping in any manner. Had a game where I was hooked in one corner, watched a teammate get hooked in the opposite corner while the last remaining survivor worked on the second to last gen. It was the first hook for myself the the other respective hooked survivor. Game after game of this.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a great survivor but I can be found doing a gen or unhooking a survivor safely. I will take the occasional protection protection hit to try and keep a death-hook survivor from going down as well.

ive known I’m not the best survivor, but something is off.


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