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So, Legion Buff Idea And DS Nerf And Buff Idea. Thoughts?

ShadowNurseZFXShadowNurseZFX Member Posts: 491
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Ok, now your probably confused so let me explain. I think ds shouldn't go when you heal yourself or others, and it shouldn't go when unhooking. But I think it should last 20/30/40 seconds, not 40/50/60. so you can heal and save and if you die, you still have ds. Let me know what you think of this. this will reward quick plays and make DS a bit less of a perk that you just try and take hits and instead incentivizes you to help your team get on their feet.

BONUS: Legion Buff Idea.

Ok, I'm going to start with saying, read through the whole thing.

Legion should be able to down with their power, but they can only down 1 survivor and as soon as they're downed they go into instant fatigue, this change makes it so you have to make a decision. "do I down this survivor or put pressure on the other survivors?" and i think his power should last 5m longer, which is not much but will help out as well.

Let me know what you think

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