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What kind of Killer cosmetics would you like to see in the future?

I'm hoping we get unmasked cosmetics for Legion, Pig, and Nurse. We already know that Pig and Legion have detailed faces underneath their masks so I'm hoping one day we will get to see them in game.


  • suchbeanssuchbeans Member Posts: 18

    The Pig might be tricky since she's licensed and it would be very expensive to do, but it would be super cool to have an unmasked Pig!

  • Rebel_RavenRebel_Raven Member Posts: 1,776

    A Ginosaji mask for Legion. Seems fitting.

  • FayeZaharaFayeZahara Member Posts: 965

    I probally have more like to see but this all i can think of right now.
    Math Teacher Hag
    Swamp Monster Hag
    Frankenstein Doctor
    Tooth Covered Dentist Doctor
    Mummy Queen Spirit
    Futakuchi Onna Spirit
    Were-bunny Huntress
    Voodoo Huntress
    Great Pumpkin Hillbilly
    Bloody Bear Pelt Hillbilly
    Goalie Mask Trapper
    Maskless Trap Jaw Trapper
    Day of Dead Clown
    Mime Clown
    Spider Silk Nurse
    Death Nun Nurse
    Split Emotion Mask Legion
    Broken Mask Eye Legion

  • RabidWabbitzRabidWabbitz Member Posts: 93

    Robert England version of Freddy!

  • JusticarJusticar Member Posts: 319

    @RabidWabbitz said:
    Robert England version of Freddy!


  • RuneStarrRuneStarr Member Posts: 850

    -Skemoo's Magma Hag (even if it's just a lettuce hag reskin)

    -2018 Myers and Bleeding eyes Myers (From Halloween 2)

    -Pretty woman LF

    -Plague Doctor (For Doctor, even though it doesn't jive with his kit well)

    -Grim reaper Wraith

  • PapaAndreiPapaAndrei Member Posts: 72
    Shirtless Myers
  • RuneStarrRuneStarr Member Posts: 850

    @PapaAndrei said:
    Shirtless Myers

    I change my answer to this and I feel ashamed I didn't even have this in my list.

  • ShyN3koShyN3ko Member Posts: 1,616

    Party pig.
    The reverse beartraps explode with confetti.

  • RainyAnjelRainyAnjel Member Posts: 65

    @ShyN3ko said:
    Party pig.
    The reverse beartraps explode with confetti.

    I need this in my life. ASAP

  • DCh4rlieDCh4rlie Member Posts: 62
    Not really a cosmetic as clothing, but I would find it amazing if one day I one could select Huntress' lullaby. Would find it cool if she hummed the DBD theme. 
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