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Let's talk about Hex: Thrill of the Hunt.

Hex: Thrill of the Hunt. It used to be a pretty garbage perk. It's effect was mediocre, and that is if it was not a Hex perk. With it being a Hex perk, you are using a perk slot for a perk that is pretty weak AND can be disabled permanently at any point by the survivors. Now, increasing the max slowdown to 50% was a step in the right direction, and then they decided to remove the noise notifications for quite literally no reason. The current Thrill of the Hunt is worse than it was before, even though it was a non-meta mediocre perk.

Now, why would I care if Thrill of the Hunt got changed? Well, the build that I have been playing for months now consists of BBQ, Devour Hope, Undying, and Thrill of the Hunt on Nurse. Devour Hope in my opinion is the most fun killer perk in the game, but it is extremely inconsistent because it is a Hex so naturally it can get permanently disabled by survivors. My build's goal is to make Devour Hope as consistent as possible, with absolutely zero gen slowdown / regression perks. Thrill of the Hunt is a VITAL part of my build as the noise notifications tells me when a survivor is working on my totem so I need to blink to the totem and defend my Devour Hope.

Let me try to provide you a comparison to try to show you how stupidly frustrating this change was. Take Dark Devotion, for example. Terrible perk aswell, when you hit the Obsession the Obsession gains a terror radius and the killer loses theirs. Keep in mind that the noise notification from Thrill of the Hunt is the only reason why people would ever run it, while the cleansing slowdown is just a nice little side effect. For Dark Devotion, becoming undetectable is the only reason why people would ever run it, while the Obsession getting a terror radius is just a nice little side effect. This Thrill of the Hunt change is the equivalent of when the killer hits the Obsession with a basic attack the Obsession gains a terror radius of 50 meters instead of the old 32 meters, but the killer does not become undetectable, thus being a net nerf on a garbage perk, just like Thrill of the Hunt.

I love BHVR's game, the amazing concept of DbD, the lore, everything except what the actual gameplay is like. I feel like the devs have really gone in the wrong direction in terms of making the game fun, they are essentially forcing the only viable killer builds to consist of pretty much all gen slowdown / regression perks, which is not fun for either side. Killers want to run stupid stuff like Enduring Spirit Fury or 50 / 50 pig, and survivors don't want to deal with 4 of the 5 main gen slowdown / regression perks Corrupt Intervention, Ruin, Undying, Tinkerer, and Pop every single game. While yes, they improved quality of life with Trapper Plague and Demo, as a high MMR killer that stuff literally does not matter to me. If I load into a game as Trapper I've already lost. It's not fun going against a 4 man stretched res swf in the majority of your matches, and now they have boon totems to further insult the killer. Just please, use your brain BHVR, I think you are taking steps in the right direction such as the trapper rework, and then I see you do something extremely pointless and dumb such as nerf Deathslinger and Thrill of the Hunt. I believe in y'all, please don't let us down.


  • NayruNayru Member Posts: 569

    big post, in before it gets punted into feedback

    but ye thrill is just dead now and won't warn you when it itself is being ganked into circle-step

  • GwintyGwinty Member Posts: 531

    I used to run Thrill of the Hunt on Cenobite. Thrill combinded with Plaything made for an extremly funny combination where I would sometimes get to grab some survivor who was desperate to cleanse their Plaything off the totem. Good survivors mostly ignored their plaything while others paid way too much attention to it, providing me with tons of game delay and time to hunt them.

    The noise was very important for this as I had no way to notice that a cleansing was going on when I was hunting another survivor. The goal of my build is to apply plaything to all of them after all and as such I am trying to hook each survivor once. If during my hunt I come past a survivor cleansing their plaything I would of course change targets. Also with my ability I was able to interrupt them from cleansing.

    Now here is the problem: Imagin I play Wraith, Nurse, Blight or Billy. If I had this buff (50% increase on cleansing time, resulting in 22 seconds of cleansing total) AND the notification the survivors would not be able to cleanse their totem ever unless I am totaly throwing the game. Even if I was on the other side of the map at Red Swamp I would be able to get to them in time when I notice the cleansing. Scaring them off the Totem and resetting all progress on cleansing. This would pretty much result in an undying Hex and if somebody means buissness that Hex is Hex: Ruin. You would have a pretty much uncleansable Ruin. This combined with mobile characters would result in a big problem for survivors.

    While I enjoy making a survivor struggle and I enjoy funny Hex perks like Thrill of the Hunt, Bloodfavoure and Third Seal I think that Hex: Ruin is a problem for this game right now. It just limits options for the developers and this is another example.

  • NayruNayru Member Posts: 569

    uh thrill + ruin existed in the game for ages before thrill had its notification removed and was apparently so gamebreaking it was never used even after undying's nerf

    that's how powerful it was i guess, so i haven't the faintest clue what you're on about

    even if it still had notification retribution is a far better pairing with plaything because 15 sec global aura read multiple times phenomenal

  • Raiden1Raiden1 Member Posts: 7

    While i get what you are trying to say, it is way worse than it sounds. Theoretically, Thrill of the Hunt gives you an uncleansible Hex totem. But you still have to go and defend it. Since the purpose of Thrill is to protect other Hex totems, there has to be at least two lit totems on the map. Good survivors can quickly recognize what you are trying to do and figure out pretty quickly whether you are trying to have permanent devour or permanent ruin. If the survivors pressure both totems at the same time there is literally nothing you can do. If the totems are far enough away then you wont be able to push a survivor off of one, then make it to the other one in time. If they are close enough together that you can successfully defend both then you are still in trouble. The survivors can keep you in a loop where they both pressure them, you push one off, then as soon as you start heading back to the other the first survivor gets back on the totem. This makes it to where you can never go for a hit on either survivor, because as soon as you hit one the other gets enough time to cleanse. All the while the other two survivors are able to do gens uncontested and you arent getting any downs or hits. The best thing for you to do is to go for a hit/down on one of them and abandon the other totem. This situation pops up literally all of the time, and if your opponents are a competent swf then they will be able to get your totems easily and you will feel overwhelmed. Before the change it took like 17-18ish seconds to cleanse a totem with 5 stacks of Thrill of the Hunt, and you got a notification whenever someone started working on one. Now it takes 21 max and you dont get a notification. One survivor spending 3 extra seconds is definitely not worth the information that the notifications would give you. Besides, if I wanted to defend a totem after I got a notification I almost always was able to get there in time, so that extra 3 seconds wouldn't matter anyways. IMO they should leave the 50% reduction and add the notifications back, that would get it off of a 1 out of 5 star perk to a 1 and a half lol.

  • vacamanvacaman Member Posts: 1,136

    I actually used the same build, it was the only way to make Devour Hope usable without making it op (because you still had to spend a lot of time trying to defend it and you are using an extra perk just for it). Im mad that they nerfed it to the ground just because it might have been good against boon totems. Behaviour clearly doesn't want perk variety.

  • Dino7281Dino7281 Member Posts: 2,304

    Yeah, I don't get why they did it, I guess they didn't want to have any counter-play against boon totems....

  • crowbarmancrowbarman Member Posts: 436

    They nerfed every hex cleansing aura and notification from the game - prior to this it was undying.

    I think I am going back to twins, at least there I can camp a totem with Victor and m1.

  • ToybasherToybasher Member Posts: 879
    edited October 20

    I agree it's an unneeded nerf.

    Unrelated, but I remember when Spies From The Shadows (Crows trigger noise notifications) had the range increased from 36 meters to 48 meters for a bit, only to be changed back. Seemed unneeded considering crows are not a "consistent" detection method (Some maps have a lot, others have very few) and it provided a neat alternative to whispers that still had counterplay. (Crouch, or even run Calm Spirit)

    Same deal. A perk got nerfed for no real reason.

  • BlackRabiesBlackRabies Member Posts: 300

    It was a unnecessary change and it's even more worse than before. The noise notification was really important for it imo since it gave the killer a choice to protect the totem or not. W/O it now it'll pop always unless you happen to be nearby. Why would I ever use these perk again now with it for?

  • SonzaishinaiSonzaishinai Member Posts: 5,190

    While i agree that the notification removal was unneeded people are underselling the buff it got quiet a bit.

    28 uninterrupted seconds to cleanse a single totem is a lot of time. Especially vs killers like doctor or perks like infectious fright that can interrupt the cleansing action without being there

  • DwigthtDwigtht Member Posts: 466

    I totally agree with the feedback about the new changes.

    While cleaning speed increase is a counter to boon totems -- removed cleansing notification makes the thrill of the hunt useless for the bulds it was used before.

    Ruin, Retribution, Devour and Thrill was a pretty powerful build on Plague. Thrill with Plaything was good on many killers.

    I still gonna try new thrill in my builds on the killers who can interrupt the cleansing process either with "Infections" or with their power, like Doctor.

    Thrill was not super popular before, but now it is a niche perk.

  • NayruNayru Member Posts: 569

    28 is twice the standard 14s cleanse/bless time where are you getting that from

  • GameavisionGameavision Member Posts: 6

    Cleansing a totem only takes 14 seconds, 21 with thrill (assuming no dull or hex totems have been cleansed already).

    A single chase lasts about that long assuming the survivor isn't bad or the killer isn't godly.

  • realflashbossrealflashboss Member Posts: 204

    Its still pretty good to extend how long a hex totem is. I played a custom with it last night with plaything up and ruin and my friends trying to bless a hex said it was like doing a whole gen- it did take absolutely ages for him to bless a hex!

  • SonzaishinaiSonzaishinai Member Posts: 5,190

    So bassically everything in this game works with "charges"

    Cleansing a totem takes 14 charges to complete. Survivors normally work at 1 charge per second. So it takes 14 seconds to cleanse a totem.

    If we add the 50% penalty of thrill then the survivors only work at 0.5 charges per second

    So it will take 14/0.5= 28 seconds to cleanse a totem

  • Raiden1Raiden1 Member Posts: 7

    Thank you for telling me that, since it takes 14 seconds to cleanse a totem and Thrill of the Hunt has a 50% reduction now I thought it would take 21 seconds because 50% of 14 seconds is 7 additional seconds. Why is it 28 seconds?

  • SonzaishinaiSonzaishinai Member Posts: 5,190

    It doesn't actually add time to the totem but makes the survivor work slower.

    Look at it this way. If you drive 50 miles per hour it takes you one hour to go 50 miles. If you go half that speed so 25 miles per hour it will take twice as long or 2 hours to drive 50 miles

  • 1miko1miko Member Posts: 262

    Because Thrill was often used with totem camping strats which worked effectively and in a really frustrating way against soloq and did nothing against premades. Having a Devour Hope, Ruin, Plaything, current Blood Favor or Crowd Control undealt with for an entire game in an indoor/small map is something so extremely hard to deal with unless you have really good communication amongst your team. This is a way to [BAD WORD] over boon totems but the perk landed in a even more niche spot after the rework, but is still in a better place than perks like unrelenting, beast of prey or territorial imperative if you ask me.

  • Marc_go_soloMarc_go_solo Member Posts: 2,259

    If Hex: Thrill of the Hunt appears in my randomized builds, it only felt worthwhile as either a distraction for survivors to think that maybe NOED was about, or the notification when a survivor started cleansing it.

    Now the notification has gone, I suppose the other benefit is reducing Booning, but honestly (were it not for that I always randomize builds) there would be no reason to pick it, considering the sheer amount of stronger perks available.

  • Raiden1Raiden1 Member Posts: 7

    While yes, I completely understand that, very little people actually solo queue (at least at high mmr), and totem camping leaves multiple survivors free to do gens uncontested.

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