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This game needs to be buried and forgotten

Screw this game. The developers care nothing except to catered to killer mains. Once a survivor gets a good thing going it has to be taken away because it's "too op". Our job is to escape. You took away another means of escape by making the hatch spawn when there is only one survivor left because killers are complaining too much.

Screw the wraith and his super speeds and his silent bell

Screw Freddy and his super extended lunge

Screw broken Ghost Face and his inability to be revealed

Screw Michael and his fast stalking at 60 meters

Screw Bubba and his stupid chainsaw with charges to allow him to jet across the map and chainsaw through objects

Screw the clown for having so many bottles of gas which is OP as f. You shouldn't be able to throw more than 3 bottles during a chase. It's bad enough that killers are fast as hell and you can't get to a pallet or a window in time

Screw the trickster and his OP blades. 6 blades to down a survivor?? It's super annoying. All he has to do is avoid a pallet and throw all 6 blades at you in a matter of seconds.

Oni can easily gather all the blood orbs (which stick around for minutes) and enter his rage then boom game over.

The hag's traps are broken. You don't even need to be near one for it to set off. You can just walk right by it. You should have to walk over it to set it off.

Cenobite is super OP. His chains are absolutely excessive and annoying. He shouldn't be able to chain you 3 or more times in a chase for him to catch up. He' already faster than a survivor. You can't solve his box when you have chains coming at you which is stupid

Screw anyone who uses the twins and camp hooks with them. Victor doesn't even need to be accurate to be able to attack you.

Screw all of you killer mains who camp hooks, tunnel, go back to hooks while chasing other survivors. Don't tell me it's good strategy because that is not strategy. Strategy is forcing survivors to three gen themselves. Camping and tunneling is a desperate way to win. Makes you look unskilled and pathetic

Screw all of you noob survivors who keep bringing killers to hooks and others working on gens or you just run around the map doing absolutely nothing.

Enough of these new chapters and updates. Fix your broken ass game, fix your broken ass servers. You have games that require more data feed to their servers and they get it right so why can't you? Until you make some actually good changes towards this game to make it more balanced and skill based, this ######### will forever be broken and killer sided.



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