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This event is good, BUT...

I'm a veteran player nearing 5k hours of gameplay, so I've gotten to experience a lot of events in DBD's history. I've always considered the year 2018 of having the best events in the game's history, and so I hold events to that year's standard. The Midnight Grove event is both fun and thematic, I like being able to smash pumpkins on both sides. I like that we earn event exclusive content, and that this time, it was properly integrated into the archives challenges having its own separate tome for it. The archive challenges are relative easy in nature and each challenge can be done in a game or two on either sides. That's good! It's also good that it features the new survivor, Mikaela in it.

My main criticism of the event however, is the lack of blood points that come with it. All of my characters on both sides are either prestige 3 level 50, or high levels thanks to unlocking teachables, and so spending points in the bloodweb, I'm only about to get one Cursed Seed offering every other bloodweb, or every few bloodwebs. Additionally I've found that if you play the offering as survivor, and a Tangled generator gets completed without you working on it, you don't get any extra bloodpoints for it unlike previous events. You only get these extra bloodpoints if you're working on the gen at the time in which it's completed, which is also unlike previous events. So if you either chased the majority of the match, or are unable to work on the Tangled generators, you don't get any extra bloodpoints, and thus the offering is useless for that match.

My minor criticisms of the event is that it only spawns in 1 of each special objectives by default, in previous years it was 2. With it being set at 2, if all players brought in the offering, then all 7 generators would be transformed into special generators, and the killer would get an additional hook around the map as well. Also, I am very much against the idea of participation points for players who decide not to bring the event offering, as it disincentives them from using it and because of the decreased bloodpoints that I discussed earlier, why bring it then.

To sum it up, and to ultimately improve the quality of the event and the gameplay experience, because I care about Dead by Daylight and continue to play and spend money on it, can we make these changes before it's too late. Can we increase the amount of Cursed Seed offerings in each bloodweb, and guarantee 2 per bloodweb after lvl 30? Can we make it to where if players don't bring the Cursed Seed offering, they are unable to benefit from the event outside of the archive, including getting extra points, and that they're unable to kick the pumpkins which award very points as is. Can can we also increase the amount of pumpkins that spawn into the trial, or increase the amount of points you get for doing it. Can we also fix the offerings to where they award you the bonus bloodpoints when a Tangled Generator is completed despite not working on it, like in previous events.

Thank you to any readers who made it this far. My goal of this discussion, as rare as I make them, is to enhance the quality of the gameplay with thought and reason put behind it.

Thank you,

from a concerned player


  • SleepyWilloSleepyWillo Member Posts: 2,083

    Yeah these are my criticisms too.

    All gens and hooks should be an event one for you if you brought the offering.

    Also, why do we even have to waste 50k bp to get an offering to use? Just make it default and let us stack BPS or something since we're not having a bloodhunt...

  • NemmyMan3000NemmyMan3000 Member Posts: 112

    I don't like this event it's full of bugs, and impossible for me to even play the game right now.

  • botraxbotrax Member Posts: 633

    I dont know like you said for me the 2018 event was the best and should be the standard. But i feel is they got used to the ######### event after that and stop trying to do great event even when they said they were going to stop doing the other event to focus on the halloween and anniversary event. It could be because people are buying their costume evem if the event is bad so in their head its a good event because of the money they made

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