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Infinite Loading Screens



  • FyronykFyronyk Member Posts: 11
    edited October 2021

    It's only happened to me while I was playing killer. I would load into a lobby, everything would go smoothly, and then the match would sit on the loading screen for 10+ minutes. It didn't matter what killer I was playing or if Mikaela was in the match.

    Edit 1: I have cross platform on.

  • LapisInfernalisLapisInfernalis Member Posts: 1,940

    Just had an infinite loading screen with crossplay disabled. I play on Steam and was in a swf with a friend. We both had crossplay disabled.

  • unclefood87unclefood87 Member Posts: 37

    Also have the issues of after infinite loading screen and resetting the game I get a “disconnected from host” error anytime trying to ready up from the pre-match lobby.

  • GiveThemHellGiveThemHell Member Posts: 1

    It's been happening to me lately. It doesn't seem to matter who i'm playing as or anything. I only ever solo queue so I don't know what it's like in a party. It happens randomly, sometimes I can find a match but most of the time I can't.

    For me the part where it tells you that it's looking for a match turns transparent of sorts when it happens & refuses to let me back out. I'll usually leave the game entirely & when I come back (If I switch my character before or during looking for a match) my character will be reset to whatever character I had on before changing it. And my challenge will disappear so I have to go to the Archives to set it again.

  • X36X36 Member Posts: 12

    Yesterday, I've accepted an invitation for a swf, everyone was ready. We realised it was an extremely long loading screen (loading into a match), none of us were mikaela, cross platform (I'm on steam if that matters) and then after like literally 10 minutes, we actually loaded into the match. If I remember correctly, it was McMillan's map if that matters as well. Our assumption was that your map rng list queued up the maps that were killswitched.

    Hope for the luck, that this provides any useful info!

  • NemesisDarkingNemesisDarking Member Posts: 28

    Platform: Steam

    Infinite loading screen playing the new character and I was solo.

    Crossplay was on but the lobby was full of PC players.

  • ThatWeebyGamerThatWeebyGamer Member Posts: 2

    Happens to me every now and then, I play as Yui with a common medkit equipped, it only happens when loading into the match after finding a group, have experienced when queuing by myself and with friends, Crossplay is enabled

  • CirocbandCirocband Member Posts: 17

    This has happened to me today at 9:30 am on PS4. I had the new character as well and I was loading into a match.

  • VenomCorpVenomCorp Member Posts: 3
    edited October 2021

    It's happened to me since tuesday's release, and there were no real consistencies to this, but :

    • Happened multiplpe times loading in as a swf. 2, 3, 4 people, didn't matter. Didn't matter either if I was the one inviting people or joining an already existing party.
    • Happened once as killer too. Only on Trapper tho, played every other killer without an issue but trying to play Trapper gave me an infinite loading screen.

    I'm playing with Crossplay On too

  • IntrovertedvetIntrovertedvet Member Posts: 47

    Platform: PC (Steam)

    Cross-Platform: ON (always)

    In the last (approx.) 20 games it has happened 4 times. Typically while I am player killer (3 out of the 4).

    Always happens when the game goes to load into the match. Sometimes all players accepts sometimes the timer is allowed to run out. Player groups are always mixed. SInce I only see that they are not on a PC I cant tell you which console they are playing on.

    I do remember in to of the matches where we hit that 500 error several of the players were all dressed the same. Doubt that is the issue, just something that I found funny.

  • AkuuseruAkuuseru Member Posts: 35

    I'm on ps4 and the crossplay is active. It happened to me but only when i tried to launch as a killer. I tried to restart the game but it didn't work. Then I reinstalled the game and it worked. But it started again when the halloween event started so i'm stuck at playing survivor....

  • SpaghettiYOLOSpaghettiYOLO Member Posts: 133

    It's always loading into a match. Whether it's SWF or a killer match, I get this every few matches. And if I dashboard at the loading screen, it takes everything I had equipped at the time, items, addons, offerings. Doesn't seem to take pips, but not 100% as it seems like it did on two occasions. If I wait it out until it puts me on a postmatch screen, it doesn't take anything that was equipped or offered.

    As a streamer that pretty much streams only DBD for the majority of streams, this is a highly frustrating bug, as is the rising 'hacker' aka script kid problem. There should be 2 main things focused on right now.

    1. Fix loading bug (already know you guys are on it)

    2. Get a better anticheat system and reporting system, especially for consoles.

    The script kids are going to kill this game in the long run. It should be addressed or at least acknowledged.

  • ator_cktmator_cktm Member Posts: 1

    Ps4, crossplay on

    When I get in the game, after pressing x to start, it doesn’t load. I’ve tired to get in several times, and I can’t.

  • Jonsmith31415Jonsmith31415 Member Posts: 11

    hello for me playing as killer, I starting while loading into a map and cross play is enabled for me,

  • suboficial87suboficial87 Member Posts: 2

    Buenas, soy jugador de PS4. Llevo 2 días con cargas infinitas perdiendo mis ofrendas cada vez que me doy por vencido de esperar y reseteo. Hay veces que me da partid una vez de cada 5 o 6 intentos. Se hace muy pesado encontrar una partida. Gracias y espero lo solucionen pronto

  • Hex_IgnoredHex_Ignored Member Posts: 822

    Nintendo swtich, cross play enabled, happens when loading into a trial as killer. Loading bar fills like normal, but once it's full, it just keeps going for 10+ minutes. Then it brings me straight to the result screen, claiming someone dc'd while loading into the trial. I tried getting into a match for the last two hours and it's always the same

  • SilvineSilvine Member Posts: 7

    Its always because there a console killer ifater turning crossplay off it started to not happen.

    Platform: Steam

    Crossplay: On

    Solo Queue.

  • suboficial87suboficial87 Member Posts: 2

    Jugador PS4. Además de tener cargas infinitas hay veces que me desconecta del servidor directamente y ni siquiera accede a pantalla de carga. Voy con juego cruzado. Se hace muy pesado e injugable

  • MadameExotineMadameExotine Member Posts: 12

    Happened to me on my second game as killer. I am on PS4. Crossplay ON. I remember all survivors in lobby were from different platform[s] than me.

    Closed game after 5min of waiting at loading screen. Logged back in. No DC penalty.

  • SammehSammeh Member Posts: 11

    PC - Infinite loading screens still happen after the patch.

  • SammehSammeh Member Posts: 11

    I've noticed a pattern of there always being Escape cakes or bloody party streamers offerings when the infinite loading screens happen for me.

  • PoindexteredPoindextered Member Posts: 1

    I saw the hotfix has come out, but the infinite loading bug is still there. It has happened to me twice since the fix. It only happens when loading into games (even custom games) and seems to be completely random. It's happened with and without a Mikaela in the game for me. Could possibly be related to the new perks but I have no clue.

  • darkraigefiredarkraigefire Member Posts: 1

    It's happened to me every match since yesterday afternoon at around 3pm PST. Some I joined on my friend, some they joined on me, crossplay was on (we couldn't even find a match with crossplay off), once we found a match, we would get past the offerings and start loading in and it wouldn't load until someone DC'd. I'm on PS5, most matches playing as Mikaela, a few attempted as Jill w/ the same results, all with at least one friend in my lobby.

  • FancyMrBFancyMrB Member Posts: 1,190


    Loading into match as a solo survivor.

    Cross play on

  • Seiji212Seiji212 Member Posts: 183

    I’m no genius, and I realize we console players are always the lowest of priority, but: Isn’t it pointless to apply a ‘fix’ to just steam if people on other platforms in their lobby still get the bug? Are we just testing steam only lobbies to see if it works, because if not you may as well just use sage and smudge the servers to achieve the same effect…

  • SibermanSiberman Member Posts: 2

    I had this problem after the update. The loading screen took a good 15 minutes and when it finally finished I entered the game without my med kit. Luckily the med kit was not expended I reunited with it in the lobby.

  • bookerdsbookerds Member Posts: 1

    Happens to me constantly.

    ps4, you playing as cenobite, crossplay on

    First game loaded normally and instantly, I’ve used bloodyparty. Then every game for 6 straight tries always infinite and when loads, it crashes. Once was swamp, once midwich, once mcmillan and once springwood as I recall.

    I recon that there was always new survivor, but the first very game that loaded instantaneous, she was there as well. And constantly I’m being kicked out a challenge, and I have to select it again. Haven’t tried without selecting.. Pumping kicking one.

  • pejiipejii Member Posts: 79

    I had my 1st infinite loding (into the game after the offerings were consumed and the loading bar fully finished) today (after the fix patch that did not resolve the infinite)

    crossplay on, new character in the lobby, I was killer (huntress), platform PC/

  • TheShapesMixtapeTheShapesMixtape Member Posts: 3,100
    edited October 2021

    Im on steam after the update and im in a very a long loading screen right now. I'm gonna try turn cross-play off after to see if that makes a difference.

    edit : loading screen just ended, everyone was cross-platform, one person disconnected to end the loading screen. gonna try with cross play off now.

    edit 2 : i've been able to load in 3 trials with cross-play off on steam without encountering the bug, i'll update if i do encounter it this way.

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