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Couldn't move after being unhooked

funkymonkeyfunkymonkey Member Posts: 29

A couple of times after being unhooked I have been unable to move at all. Could crouch but that was it.

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  • CirocbandCirocband Member Posts: 17

    This has happened to me as well.

  • TwiztedMannixTwiztedMannix Member Posts: 30

    Something has been going on with the Hook

    As a Killer: Survivor gets unhooked, I show up and still there but then disappears.

    As a Survivor: Get unhooked and stuck in Hook state in air or can't move.

    Being unhooked is buggy, and it's happened quite a few times alredy, it goes along with the "hiccup" in the server also.

    I'm on PS4 console when it happened to me as well.

  • bpfbpf Member Posts: 2

    Same here, sometimes I'd be stuck in the hook pose in air but I could move and do tasks just fine.

    (I play on PC btw)

  • BstahlsBstahls Member Posts: 6

    PS4. This happened to me just rounding a corner from inside of a shack. When I was hit by killer I could run. After getting hooked I couldn’t move again.

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