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Hacker destroys my ps5, thanks Bhvr :)

We all know this game has a massive hacker problem and that Bhvr isn't doing anything. But did you know that consoles can complete break? I didn't know that but now here I am with one.

Played a normal game as survivor when suddenly the whole map was completely glitched and textures where on different spots then the hit boxes and barieres. The killer hidding it not a bit and uses as a twin tricksters knifes that one ######### people and other stupid stuff. I didn't want to dc because you know... Bhvr bans people for it :) So I just stayed there and did nothing. Suddenly it began to extremely lag before my game froze completely. Well I thought it was my game but my whole console didn't react anymore. I waited a bit and suddenly it just went off completely, not turning on again... Thanks bhvt, now I have to repair it C:



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