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5.3.0 patch Tentacle Strike

ThanksForDailyThanksForDaily Member Posts: 954
edited October 2021 in General Discussions

In this patch Tenacle Strike is busted.

They literally hit you from miles away and angles you can't land a tentacle strike.

I'm guessing is de sync.

Hope the devs knows about it.


  • ThanksForDailyThanksForDaily Member Posts: 954
    edited October 2021

    I know what you mean, i play Nemesis myself and against. This is not the case though.

    Survivors getting hit 1+ seconds later after the Tentacle hits the ground and you're already far away from the blue line that didn't even close to land on you.

    This is de sync 100%.

  • RenRenRenRen Member Posts: 1,120

    I think there is desync cause when you down a survivor as killer they teleport a meter or 2.

  • TheShapesMixtapeTheShapesMixtape Member Posts: 3,125

    It doesn't feel any different to me compared to before

  • LabracLabrac Applicant Posts: 1,285

    I haven't played against Nemesis yet but I've noticed some desync when playing as him. I'll infect a survivor and then they will stay frozen in place (at least for me) during 2 seconds before the hit registers. It's super annoying.

  • MasterGritMasterGrit Member Posts: 329


  • Moonman157Moonman157 Member Posts: 91

    I went against a Nemesis streamer tonight, he called me laggy, although I play with an ethernet and maintain a good ping, and I’ve never had anyone else complain about me being laggy before. He also got a totally whack hit on me, I also wonder if there is some weird desync issue going on with him.

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