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Nurse does not belong in dbd.

First of all! Im ok with any other killer, but nurse is just a character that doesnt belong in dbd. She completely ignores main game mechanics, such as chasing, pallets, windows, WALLS. She can be hard to learn at first, but when you practice a bit, then it will be easy mode for you.

High mmr on pc is like 60% nurse, 20% spirit 20% blight. That should tell something i guess.

How can we even have Clown (for example) and Nurse in one game? They are such different strenghtwise, which is without a doubt very noticeable.



  • DoomedMindDoomedMind Member Posts: 738
    edited October 2021

    I can run a Nurse for an eternity while using anything that is breaking LoS.

    Play her for a while, you'll know she has counter play, you "just" have to play differently versus her. How much she's charging, where she's looking at before blinking....

    The only map where I think she's busted is Midwich, because you have nothing to truly break LoS.

    Edit : she's fine basekit, the only add-ons combo that are a problem are 3-blink, double range and purple range + green recharge. These combo are denying any error you would do or any good play from a survivor.

  • DoomedMindDoomedMind Member Posts: 738

    I'm sorry but that is wrong. There isn't any counter argument because it is just wrong. There are a lot of locations where the chase is a 50/50 for both side.

  • HippieHippie Member Posts: 1,002

    Sadly, BHVR won't do anything about Nurse until enough people "get good" with her. I'm convinced that if enough people took the time to actually learn and master her ability (which isn't that difficult), her kill rate would jump significantly and would warrant a rework.

    I used to be a rank 1 Nurse main and even after not playing her for months I still can mop the floor with efficient Survivors. I've never even used range addons, it's just too easy to succeed without them and I feel like they're almost a hindrance to using her power effectively. Not bragging or anything, just stating how powerful she is when you understand how to play her properly. No other Killer can do what she does!

    And honestly, the only way you don't catch Survivors with Nurse is by your own mistakes, not theirs. She can literally ignore everything that Survivors can use against her in the game, except for stealth.

  • glitchboiglitchboi Member Posts: 5,325

    No matter how much you nerf her, she'll either continue being top tier, or be bottom 3. She needs a rework, her design in general is pretty unhealthy. I get people enjoy playing her, but she's an issue in terms of the game's balance, and balancing will be so much easier without having to worry about her.

  • 6yXJI06yXJI0 Member Posts: 554

    Its on her to make a mistake, not on you! No matter how good you run she will always have a huge chance to blink right onto you and lunge.

  • 6yXJI06yXJI0 Member Posts: 554
    edited October 2021

    1) Im not asking to nerf her. Im asking to rework her, like they did with freddy.

    2) Im talking more from a neutral standpoint

    3) High mmr crossplay-off matches are Top tier killers mostly and Nurse is the most picked out of them. Its a fact. There was a recent mini tournament and some of the competitors just turned off crossplay to practice playing against top tiers before the tournament. And matches were like nurse nurse nurse spirit huntress nurse nurse blight.

  • R2kR2k Member Posts: 1,071

    I agree on Nurse power rework. She's currently one big pain when it comes to balance.

  • Freddy96Freddy96 Member Posts: 619

    Then you wouldn't mind coming in a kyf match showcasing your game knowledge against my friend's nurse right?

    He's not a god nurse but i find him quite scary yet i am sure you will be able to run him for the eternity effortlessly

  • R1ch4rd_N1x0nR1ch4rd_N1x0n Member Posts: 1,205

    Probably because you're playing against bad Nurses. Lol.

  • DoomedMindDoomedMind Member Posts: 738

    Well, I imagine that where everyone is dying fast, I guess the Nurse I faced is bad but yeah. Lol.

    That friendly sarcasm, I love it, it always brings kindness in an exchange.

    But right, I'm always up for a challenge.

  • ZarathosZarathos Member Posts: 1,629

    As long as comp dbd is in its current state nurse will unequivocally be the only force to give killer some prescience as a threat. Fix comp play and balance out high mmr gameplay and then we can talk. Until then nurse has a purpose as the killer that gives competitve dbd killers a chance. Last thing I want to say is comp dbd be filled with face camping bubba's.

  • MunqaxusMunqaxus Member Posts: 1,735

    I think her power needs a rework. Teleport is way to powerful because it allows avoiding every game mechanic that survivors can use. I would say they should not allow her to teleport through obstacles.

  • KumakxKumakx Member Posts: 262

    because most of nurse players can't even play her properly. Once player learns how to play nurse, they can do whatever they want. And that's the problem - not skilled enough, you can't do **** as nurse, skilled enough? Survivors can't do ****. Because of her design, it's almost impossible to balance her.

  • Freddy96Freddy96 Member Posts: 619

    There's absolutely no sarcasm here, if you can run every nurse for eternity i'm really interested in understanding your pathing

    This is my steam profile and as soon as my friend comes back from work i'll let you know

  • Spittoon_Spittoon_ Member Posts: 9

    I´d be fine with a nurse rework once there aren´t so many god loops and completely safe loops. Until then, focus on the counterplay. Break line of sight, and try to be unpredictable. Nurse´s strength comes from seeing you and knowing where you´re gonna go

  • ViamontViamont Member Posts: 288

    Thats the definition of high risk high reward. Shes one of the most complicated killers to learn and play with, and if you have seen ANY high level streamers they NEED to be very aware of what they are doing or they can easily F themselves up.

    Nurse its perfectly fine as she is, not any average joe can take her an win free games, in fact ANY person whos not a genious player will lose a LOT of games before it can even beging to get some value out of her

  • KumakxKumakx Member Posts: 262

    High risk - high reward? What? Whats the risk, once you have learned how to play nurse?

  • ViamontViamont Member Posts: 288

    Miss charging the power stuns you and breaks line of sight

    Overcharging stuns you and breaks line of sight

    Not calculating the teleport properly can easily leave you on the other side of the wall/pallet, forcing you to do another jump wich if you miss calculated has the same result or stuns you

    Her basic mobility if im not mistaken its the worse on the entire killer rooster, one of the few that without specific addons will NEVER be faster than any survivor

    Shes an M1 killer wich meens she has to be precise with her atacks or never get hooks.

    Yea, shes high risk high reward, as i mentioned before, not just any average Joe its going to be able to pick her and win games left and right, even high levels players can get screwed over if they dont plan acordingly and make good predictions, learning to TP needs skill, a miss calculation can put you on a bad spot, shes totally dependant of her power for mobility and chase wich its limited in charges, you need to manage them very efectively or risk to constantly be stunned.

  • slendermansmoomslendermansmoom Member Posts: 518

    bruh if nurse didn't exist then nea and the disturbed ward wouldn't exist

    and also the clowns map wouldn't exist

    and a lot of the big streamers we watch today who became known for how good they were as nurse wouldn't be popular

    Spirit wouldn't exist because she uses a code that they copied from nurse onto spirit meaning yamako estate and adam wouldn't exist and then oni wouldn't exist because oni was created to be another Demon like killer and is related to spirit meaning the sanctum of wrath and yui wouldn't exist

    and think of the perks that would be missing that everybody uses

    Thantaphobia, urban evasion, balanced landing, haunted grounds, spirit fury, diversion, deliverance, lucky break, any means necessary, so many perks wouldn't exist and the meta would be different.

    So many things wouldn't be in the game if nurse wasn't created

  • dednarkdednark Member Posts: 88

    Change Nurse for Hag and I would agree.

  • BeanLagBeanLag Member Posts: 87

    Yeah ofc high mmr are only nurse spirit and blight? Because they are very strong? True. Because the rest of the killers literally cant win a lot of games against high mmr survs depending on the rng of map and map variations + survivors perks as a team? True too.

    Maybe those 3 are strong, yes, but i would say that most of the others are just too weak

  • sadakiyosadakiyo Member Posts: 227

    yeah sure that's why god tier nurses get stomped on in tournaments when 1-2 survivors are able to have dead hard

  • LeonxJiwoonLeonxJiwoon Member Posts: 455

    I will take a nurse over spirit anyday , Also I thought spirit was to get nerf? Idk if maybe I was just too tired or something but I thought spirit is to now kick up dust when she is phasing as one of her nerf and I did not see that happening. I still hate spirit as the worst killer in game, her pig and plague actually is the only 3 killers I cant stand and the reason I hate pig ofc is those annoying stupid RBT and Plague stupid vomit which kills you of getting your art points. Pig and Plague forces you to not focus on objectives and can be a real pain in big maps when your trying to find a fountain/grill and pig is abit worst because you have to play a game of guess who for the right box and can be so unlucky as soon as you get to the right box on the huge maps off goes your head, least plague you will cleanse when you find a fountain.,and spirit is just plan bs because of her confusing zigzag annoyance. Every other killer is great to me just not those 3, they are a bane to me in dbd they should be gone.

  • GoshJoshGoshJosh Member Posts: 2,335

    For how powerful Nurse is and how many complaints she gets these days, it's a wonder I only see one every 100 matches or less. I'm not actually counting but it's gotta be around there.

    Did you lose against one good Nurse and come to the conclusion she needs a full on rework? I would enjoy to see more Nurses as a survivor main. She offers the most exhilarating chases in the game! Can I ask how often you truly face Nurse? Am I that low in MMR after thousands of hours in the game?

  • ViamontViamont Member Posts: 288

    Pretty much, nurse its one of those killers you se a bit more on early game while people are trying her out, se how complicated she is and just imediatly drop her for other killers, OR you se her on high level games because the people sufered hell and back to get good with her, and even so they are far and betwen. But then again complaining about a killer that stomped you once its the norm nowdays

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