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The E.M.M.I (Metroid Dread Concept)

DragonMasterDarrenDragonMasterDarren Member Posts: 2,022
edited October 2021 in Creations

After playing through and 100% completing Metroid Dread, i am now ready to start working on the E.M.M.I concept, so here it is

(Important note, many artistic liberties were taken while making this concept, if i was to adapt the E.M.M.I perfectly into DBD, it would probably win every single match with no real way of beating it, due to it instant killing you, moving much faster then you, and being able to track you perfectly the second you enter it's zone in one case, as such, i made several adjustments so that it can still be powerful, but not pre-nerf 5 blink Nurse levels of powerful, also, as you can imagine, Spoilers from Metroid Dread, mainly what each of the E.M.M.I’s do, the ending, and who the main villain is)

Killer Name: The E.M.M.I

(Powerpoint picture editing skills go brrr)

"A Adapting Killer, the E.M.M.I is able to track down the sounds survivors make, climb over walls and adapt itself as the trial progresses through Mechanical Adaptation, it's 3 perks, Scourge Hook: DNA Harvester, Mine Layer and Soulless Hunter, allow it to get stronger as it hooks survivors, set traps that alert it to survivor's actions, and not be phased by whatever tricks Survivors might try to pull over it"


"A machine composed of a flexible and lightweight skeleton, state-of-the-art sensors, and indestructible armour plating that only one person in the universe knows how to bypass, many would be forgiven for thinking the E.M.M.I was originally built as a weapon of war, however, this was not the case, they were instead originally built as DNA extracting machines for research purposes, and this is what 7 of these automata were sent to do when the Galactic Federation received a mysterious video message from planet ZDR, when these E.M.M.I lost communication with the Federation, their most trusted bounty hunter was sent in to investigate.

The bounty hunter found all of the E.M.M.I were reprogrammed by a mysterious 3rd party named Raven Beak, and by the time she managed to defeat this 3rd party and escape the planet, she had already destroyed all 7 of the E.M.M.Is sent to ZDR...

Or so she thought...

One E.M.M.I had lain dormant and undiscovered in a hidden part of the planet, undisturbed by the bounty hunter or Raven Beak, it remained confined in it's small zone, harvesting the DNA from anything foolish enough to enter, until a dark presence took control of it's programming, lifted it's restrictions chaining it to it's zone, replaced it's machinery and armour with incredibly powerful shadow-like limbs and glistening grey plates, and set it loose into it's realm, with a brand new set of targets to go after..."


Head: "E.M.M.I Control Unit": The Head of a E.M.M.I is the one part of it that might be considered a weak point, not that anyone here can exploit it

Body: "Mechanical Skeleton": A dark and slender frame covered in grey armour plating, The E.M.M.I can move at incredible speeds, and can fold itself up to fit through small gaps, it's claws also allow it to climb up surfaces, no matter how sheer or uneven

Weapon: "Head Spike": The E.M.M.I's head turns into a spike for extracting DNA, it is also very capable of causing serious injury


Height: Tall

Speed: 115%

TR: 24-32m

Power: "Mechanical Adaptation"

The E.M.M.I starts off the trial in "Patrol Mode" and progresses through 3 different modes as the trial takes place

While in Patrol Mode, you are almost completely blind, every object and wall becomes a black and white wireframe, however, your TR is slightly smaller (24m) and you don't trigger perks like Alert, Spine Chill or OOO, essentially, you are undetectable by perks and perks only, the E.M.M.I's model is also low to the ground and crawling on all 4s, your camera however is much higher up then the model, so you are still able to see over short loops and windows,

You enter "Search Mode" whenever a survivor makes a noise within 16m of you, you will get a special ping that tells you where the noise came from (including if you aren't looking at it, think of it like the damage notifier in Warzone and other FPS games, where you get a indication of the location you are being shot from), noises that trigger this ping include...

  1. Working on Generators or Healing (0-16m)
  2. Sprinting (0-12m)
  3. Vaulting Pallets or Windows (0-8m)
  4. Slow Vaulting (0-4m)
  5. Walking (0-4m)

You will exit Search Mode and go back to Patrol Mode if no noise notifications occur within 20 seconds, survivors will also know you’re coming by the constant robotic chirping noises you make once you enter Search Mode

Finally, you will enter "Pursuit Mode" once you enter a chase, you will stop being down on all 4s and start walking on 2 legs at full height, you will also start seeing normally again and move at 110% instead of 115%, as well as gaining the ability to climb over walls, in order to climb over walls, hold down CTRL to climb when facing a loop wall, walls that can’t be climbed include anything with a window as well as certain landmarks (Main buildings essentially, this is mainly due to to there being not a great deal of purpose in climbing them, it would be funny, but it ain’t happening I’m afraid) , you will be animation locked and cannot attack until you finish this animation, this ability changes slightly on indoor maps or maps with large indoor locations (Midwich and RCPD), rather then gaining the ability to climb over walls in Pursuit Mode, you gain the ability to latch onto ceilings and begin blending into the ceiling's colours in Search Mode, if a survivor walks into a certain range (6m) you can immediately go into Pursuit Mode and latch onto them, this is called a "Latch Attack", while latched onto survivors, they are forced into a series of difficult skill checks over 5 seconds (think Yellow Glyphs but slightly harder), if they screw up one of these skill checks, they will be instantly be put into the dying state and immediately begin being carried, if they succeed in completing all the skill checks, you will be stunned for 5 seconds.

You can also use certain abilities depending on how many generators have been completed as the Trial progresses, these abilities can be used throughout the Trial, and can be switched on demand by pressing ALT and then 1, 2, 3 or 4 depending on what ability you want to use, you can remove the ability switching overlay by pressing ALT again

  1. If two Generators are completed, you gain access to "Speed Booster", which increases your speed by 10% while moving in a straight line by pressing m2, the ability automatically ends if you stop moving, press a different key, attack or move your mouse too quickly. This ability has a 15 second cooldown
  2. If 3 Generators are completed, you gain access to "Cryo Shot", this is a small projectile (slightly smaller then a Huntress Hatchet) that requires 3 seconds to charge by holding down M2, if this projectile hits, the survivor hit by it isn't injured, but gets slowed down by 5% and becomes unable to fast vault windows or pallets, this effect lasts for 5 seconds, and the E.M.M.I is not slowed down while charging the shot, but is slowed down to 95% after firing it for 2 seconds
  3. If 4 Generators are completed, you gain access to "Perfect Audio Sensors", these sensors allow you to perfectly track a survivor's movements if they are in a chase with you by holding down CTRL for 5 seconds, this effect lasts for 5 seconds or until you switch to a different ability
  4. If all of the Generators are completed, you can activated "Hyper Hunter Mode", after holding down CTRL for 10 seconds, you will be locked into Pursuit Mode and unable to switch back to Patrol or Search Mode, you gain 5% movement speed, 10% decreased attack cooldown, 20% swing recovery, 20% increased vaulting speed, 10% faster stun recovery and 10% faster pallet destruction, all abilities also have enhanced effects, Wall Climbing is 10% faster, Speed Booster increases your speed by a extra 5%, Cryo Shot slows down for a extra 3 seconds and Perfect Audio Sensors affects all remaining survivors in the Trial regardless of distance, no longer ends when switching abilities and lasts for 10 seconds

Difficulty: Hard: The E.M.M.I is designed to have a lot of moving parts be at it’s strongest once the survivors are about to escape and the Trial reaches it’s climax, and learning all of the intricacies, especially with some of the addons, will take some time to learn, but the reward for learning and sticking with it is nothing short of powerful


Scourge Hook: DNA Harvester

You reap the very essence of your prey

4 Scourge Hooks spawn around the map, indicated by a special particle effect and a white aura

Hooking a survivor on one of these hooks grants you a 30 second 3/4/5% speed boost, killing a survivor on one of these hooks grants you a 25% BP bonus at the end of the round, up to 100% (essentially, killing all survivors in the trial with scourge hooks with this perk grants you a free Survivor Pudding for that game)

Mine Layer

You set up traps in order to precisely track where your targets might be

While not in a chase, a "Sensor Mine" will spawn every 40/30/20 seconds with a proximity trigger of 8m, these traps spawn in important locations such as in the middle of loops, near totems and generators, in central structures, etc, survivors that trigger these traps will scream and have their aura revealed for 5/10/15 seconds afterwards, the killer is able to track the location of these traps by looking for a special blue aura

Soulless Hunter

Nothing is able to faze that which feels nothing

Upon being stunned (flashlight saves, DS stuns, pallet stuns, etc), gain a token, the next time you get stunned, this perk activates, and you gain a temporary 5% speed boost for 10/15/20 seconds, you then lose a token



Moronic Code: Useless code that manifested inside the E.M.M.I's control unit, no one knows how it got there, serves exactly zero purpose: Replaces the E.M.M.I's whistling noises with random voice lines of Wheatley from Portal 2

Rusty Spike: A old E.M.M.I head spike, if you don't get killed by it, the tetanus it will give you probably will: attacking a survivor 5 seconds after climbing a wall will inflict Deep Wounds for 10 seconds

Broken Sensor: Raven Beak badly damaged one of the E.M.M.I's when it tried to attack him, this is one of it's sensors that he ripped off: Increases the distance you will enter Search Mode from by 4 metres

E.M.M.I Zone Sensor: A small sensor, it doesn't do much, but running into it's trigger range is not advised: increases the time that it takes to exit Search Mode by 5 seconds


Armour Plating: A sample of the E.M.M.I's armour plating, the composition of it is nothing short of remarkable: decreases the time you are stunned when a survivor counters your Ceiling Latch Attack by 2 seconds

Nuts and Bolts: The core of the E.M.M.I's skeleton, very well hidden by it's armour: Increases the speed that you climb walls by 10%

Head Spike Prototype: A prototype of the infamous DNA harvesting head spike: Increases the number of skill checks a survivor has to complete to escape your Latch Attack by 2

Lightweight Sensors: Improved E.M.M.I sensors that are much lighter then the standard version: Decreases the cooldown of Speed Booster by 3 seconds


E.M.M.I Protocol, Green: Code taken from the Green E.M.M.I sent to ZDR before it’s demise, it was able to fold up and climb walls more efficiently then other E.M.M.I types: increases the speed you climb walls by 20%

E.M.M.I Protocol, Yellow: Code taken from the Yellow E.M.M.I sent to ZDR before it’s demise, it’s built in speed booster made it particularly lethal: Increases the speed you move while Speed Booster is active by 5%, Increases the radius you are able to turn without deactivating Speed Booster by 20 degrees

E.M.M.I Protocol, Cyan: Code taken from the Cyan E.M.M.I sent to ZDR before it’s demise, it’s ability to freeze anything it had a direct line of sight of made it very effective: Make survivors a additional 5% slower after they have been hit by Cryo Shot, decreases the time you are slowed down after firing Cryo Shot by 1 second

Upgraded Head Spike: A stronger version of the Head Spike, it auto injects a sedative when it pierces a organism: if your Latch Attack is successful, you will inject the survivor you down, and they will suffer from a 10% Hindered effect when they are healed off the ground or unhooked for 15 seconds

Memory Core: Old video that the E.M.M.I automatically backed up when it was taken from it’s zone, it shows a very strange and almost ethereal part of ZDR that it only briefly got to see: Increases the duration of Perfect Audio Sensors by 1 second


E.M.M.I Protocol, Purple: Code taken from the Purple E.M.M.I sent to ZDR before it’s demise, it’s perfect tracking and incredible audio sensors made it arguably the most dangerous E.M.M.I type: Increases the duration of Perfect Audio Sensors by 2 seconds, and decreases the time it takes to charge Perfect Audio Sensors by the same amount

E.M.M.I Protocol, Red: Code taken from the Red E.M.M.I sent to ZDR before it’s demise, it’s ability to create room clearing explosives would have made it a nearly impossible to beat adversary, had it’s destroyer not been part Metroid…: replaces Hyper Hunter Mode with Power Bomb, holding down CTRL for 5 seconds with this ability selected will plant down a bomb with a 3 second fuse, any survivor in a 32M radius when this bomb goes off is injured, Deafened, Hindered by 10% for 15 seconds and inflicted with Deep Wound, only one bomb can exist at a time and has a 10 second cool down

E.M.M.I Zone Mine: These traps are layer throughout a E.M.M.I zone, and if they’re tripped, the E.M.M.I will immediately rush to that location and hunt down the interloper foolish enough to enter: Zone Mines will periodically (every 20 seconds) spawn in important locations throughout the map, such as loops and main buildings, these traps have a proximity fuse, if the trap is triggered, the survivor that triggered it will scream and have their aura revealed for 15 seconds

Omega Head Spike: A shelved model of the Head Spike, why was it shelved? Simple, it was deemed too inhumane for use on living creatures: Injuring a survivor 5 seconds after climbing a wall, will inflict exhausted for 10 seconds, as well as Mangled and haemorrhage for 30 seconds, these effects will apply after a survivor is unhooked if downed by your Latch Attack


E.M.M.I Protocol, Shadow: Code that was part of the E.M.M.I before it was taken away from ZDR, the abilities unlocked by this code seem to reflect the darker and more ethereal side of ZDR that only it got to see: Replaces Speed Booster and Cryo Shot with Aether Rush and Shadow Shot, Aether Rush is activated under the same circumstances as Speed Booster, but instead acts more like a Victor Pounce, holding down CTRL for 5 seconds will allow you to leap onto a survivor and damage them by one health state, you are stunned for 3 seconds if you miss or hit terrain, this ability then goes on cooldown for 10 seconds, Shadow Shot acts the same as Cryo Shot, but also inflicts Oblivious for 20 seconds and darkens the edges of the survivor’s screen for the same amount, any addons that affect the abilities that this addon replaces do not apply

Iridescent Plating: Glass-like armour molded by the Entity, it’s warm to the touch and pulsates with a strange energy: Increases the speed of wall climbing by 50%, increases the number of skill checks a survivor must complete to escape your Latch Attack by 5, increases the cooldown of all abilities by 10 seconds, and increases charge time of all ability by 3 seconds.

so there it is, the full concept, I am aware this will likely never happen (like good Lord the time it would take to code of all of this, not to mention the myriad of bugs it would inevitably have), but it is always fun to speculate, let me know what you think


  • Critical_FishCritical_Fish Member Posts: 583

    The power is.. weird. I think the different modes triggered by different events is cool, but I have a few issues with the modes.

    1. The vision impairment isn't necessary and would seem to just annoy the player more than anything.
    2. Why not just make Patrol Mode Undetectable?
    3. Pursuit mode shouldn't be slower than the other two modes.

    In addition to this, I'm just not a fan of the powers gained throughout the trial. The way to switch through them would likely be majorly hard to implement on console, and console players have enough struggles already.

    I also just feel like the Killer would be relatively weak overall. Having a fast, mobile and hard to track Killer would be super interesting but I think it could be a lot better than this. Perhaps, making the mode system something you switch between with CTRL rather than something triggered by certain events? Say,

    • Patrol Mode is Undetectable, but moves at 110% speed. Any Survivor making noise (using the same noise chart you made, or a slightly altered one) has their auras revealed. Holding m2 would allow you to climb on/over walls and ceilings, maybe getting a speed boost for a second or two after beginning to climb onto a wall (being ~ a 20% speed boost maybe).
    • Search Mode is a base Killer, with the same general abilities you'd expect. It allows you to, at the click of m2, scan everything within a 24 degree cone in front of you extending out 16 (or whatever value) meters. The auras of all objects in that area are shown to you, including Survivors. The cooldown for this could be anything from 10-20 seconds.
    • Pursuit Mode could be a base Killer, though I wouldn't complain if it was naturally faster than Search Mode (being something like 120-130% speed.) Its m2 would be somewhat akin to Legion, boosting its speed and allowing it to vault windows and pallets extremely quickly, though it would likely only last ~10 seconds and have a cooldown of 30, though without that godawful stun Legion has. For a more original idea, it could be a short burst covering a certain distance depending on how long m2 was held (holding for 1 second would be 8 meters, 2 being 16, 3 being 24 and that being the cap) where you move incredibly fast (like.. from where you start to where you end almost immediately). This wouldn't need a cooldown/slowdown at all, and could be a pretty cool ability in chase to quickly close the distance while still being able to be countered by good play.

    I feel like these changes would keep the depth and amount of strategy you want with this Killer while being more responsive to the player themselves, giving the player agency and all. And, for the record, I haven't played Metroid Dread yet-

    Onto the perks.

    I feel like Mine Layer is too unique. It's super cool, don't get me wrong, but honestly it seems like it'd be better if they were adapted to be the power of a Killer rather than a perk.

    Scourge Hooks are just pretty cool, honestly. I like it.

    Soulless Hunter is.. strange? Gaining a token when you're stunned and getting a speed boost at the cost of consuming tokens is cool, but I think consuming all tokens when breaking a pallet/breakable wall would be better; getting a 5% speed boost for each Token consumed. Though, likely the time the speed boost lasts would have to be cut to 5-15 seconds rather than 20. In addition to this, it'd likely need to be unstackable due to how much of a speed boost could be stacked up, and only ~ 4 tokens should be able to be saved at a time.

  • DragonMasterDarrenDragonMasterDarren Member Posts: 2,022
    edited October 2021

    I appreciate the feedback, particularly the part about the power switching being a headache for console players (I will admit, didn’t take them into consideration when I came up with the idea), however the main reason the power is designed the way it is alongside the different modes being designed the way they are is because of 2 things

    1.I wanted this killer to be very unique in how it operates due to how unique the E.M.M.I’s are to me, plus, this is the first fully robotic killer we have, and I wanted that to be reflected in the way it operates

    2.I also wanted this killer to be a love letter to Metroid Dread, I love the game, and I loved all of the E.M.M.I encounters, especially the ways they operated differently from one another

    if I was to rewrite the concept I would likely remove the wireframe bit from Search and Patrol mode, as well as make Search Mode fully undetectable, however I like the idea of swapping between all of the different abilities on the fly, I think it could be fixed for console players by making it bound to the right trigger for bringing the menu up and then each of the different face buttons for a different ability, but i honestly don’t really know how console DBD operates aside from the several horror stories I’ve read about the experience being overall pretty miserable

    side note: play Metroid Dread, I promise you, you will love it if you love metroidvanias

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