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Deerstalker buffs

GoshJoshGoshJosh Member Posts: 2,242
edited October 28 in Feedback and Suggestions

Only showing the aura of slugged survivors within a certain radius is too niche for a perk slot (in my opinion). Deerstalker should also:

  • Decrease recovery speed by 33%
  • Decrease the healing speed of slugged survivors by 50%
  • Give an audio notification when a slugged survivor is picked up, and show their aura for three seconds

My reason for these suggestions is because the now buffed We're Gonna Live Forever allows survivors to pick up slugs insanely fast, and Unbreakable already allows for faster recovering on top of picking yourself up once per match. These buffs would help Deerstalker to counter these two survivor perks, and allow the killer to maintain pressure by slugging when needed.

Edit: Further reason is the introduction of both boon totems, which are meta and would heavily counter all of these buffs.

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