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Is the pre-game lobby outdated?

GoshJoshGoshJosh Member Posts: 2,242
edited October 27 in General Discussions

I want the devs and community to consider the functionality of the pre-game lobby in the base game.

For reference, here's how Dead by Daylight Mobile's pre-game works: Everyone sees the items of everyone, including its rarity (this is visible to the killer as well). Survivors also get the benefit of seeing what add-ons are attached to the item. Survivors also get to see the perks of their teammates. (While I don't agree with this, killers also get to see how many perks a survivor has as well as if any add-ons are attached to an item - but not what any of them are). The kicker is this: once all five players are in the lobby, the match starts in five seconds. There is no option to switch anything at all once you've queued (perks, killers, items, or survivors).

And I think this is a healthy thing. There's no toxic switching on the survivor's side, and killers don't get this massive advantage of choosing their perks or add-ons around what items survivors may or may not bring. Either you prepare for this before you queue for a match, or suffer the consequences in the match. I really like this and want it for base DbD.

Back to base DbD: you sit there for a minute playing this mind game. What will my fellow survivors bring into the trial? What are their perks? What add-ons are on their item, if any? And as a killer, will they toxic switch to an item? And then there's cases where survivors and killers leave the lobby, making the wait for others to play a trial even longer.

This is why DbD Mobile's queueing system is superior: when you indicate to search for a match, it means you're ready to play the game. Please migrate to the system of your sister devs/platform.

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  • ThiccBudhhaThiccBudhha Member Posts: 3,673

    If they changed this, I would crash every lobby with multiple flashlight users. In the case of one, I guess I could just tunnel and face camp them out at the expense of everyone's experience. Definitely a healthy idea if I have ever seen one. Great suggestion!

  • GoshJoshGoshJosh Member Posts: 2,242

    You have Lightborn, which completely negates flashlights. Apart from looking away when available, or searching around before picking up. What's the problem?

  • AnObserverAnObserver Member Posts: 358

    Perhaps a pre-game lobby where the Killer is present is outdated, but a "campfire" where Survivors can communicate pre-game (PC) is nice. Though the whole communication standard for DBD crossplay is inconsistent in design.

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