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Anyone Else Feeling Like Taking A Hiatus Right Now? (Another Rant Thread)

StarLostStarLost Member Posts: 5,267
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So, I started DbD just over a year ago - shortly before the Blight patch, if I recall. Loved the concept, got into it in a big way.

Watched videos, read guides and started doing decently. Sunk almost 100 hours in before I knew it.

Then BHVR removed killer matchmaking and after a week of being hammered flat and gloated at by SWF groups with thousands of more hours than me in the game, I quit.

Came back just after MMR was introduced and fell in love again. Most of my matches felt even, whether I got a 1k or a 4k. I didn't have to go balls-to-the-wall every game, because I'd find an MMR spot where my style and proclivities (I tend to be an overly nice killer) would work, and I'd still kill 2, occasionally 3.

Then...this patch.


  • Buggy, brutally overpowered boon totems that you can't cleanse.
  • DC penalty removed, so every match I'm not getting rolled, I'm having at least 1 person DC the second I down them.
  • Either matchmaking was disabled, or broken entirely. There is no reason that I, as a sub-200 hour player should be going up against 3man SWF groups with thousands of hours between them 5 or 6 times in a row, who inevitably stomp me flat and teabag me all the way to the gates. I don't think I've suffered as many 3 and 4 outs in a row as I have over the last two days. You'd think that MMR would help but...nope. Just a miserable experience.
  • From above, prepatch I could goof off a little, bring some odd perks and addons, maybe try to learn a new killer or two. I now have to pick meta perks and play ultra sweaty - camping, slugging, the whole shebang, just to get 1 or 2 kills. Something really isn't right here.
  • Far too many games where 2 gens are done before a minute has passed, and I've had several where 3 or 4 get done before I even have my first chase.
  • RPD makes Haddonfield feel like...well, still bad, but way better than RPD. And more than half my games today were in this sodding hellhole.
  • Not a game goes by now where I don't wonder if someone is hacking. Seriously, I'm seeing so many SWF groups with legacy skins at my (certainly) terrible MMR that I'm wondering if they are hacking their MMR too.
  • Wraith and Slinger gutted, despite being mid-tier at best. Wraith feels almost as bad as he did pre-rework.
  • Endless other petty gripes that are easy to ignore when you are having fun, but sort of gang up on you when you are already frustrated.

All in all, this game has gone from being a fun adrenaline rush to a frustrating experience that makes me want to eat a kitten sundae.

Probably going to take a week or so off (my guess is that BHVR will extend the Halloween event, with the state of the game right now I can't imagine them not doing so) and see how things lie when I return.

At least the new PoE season just started, which will likely be better for my blood-pressure at least.

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  • BullettimegodBullettimegod Member Posts: 963

    Same tbh. Last night is the first time i got sick and tired or being tunneled. And going against swfs that are way better than me while i try to learn a killer. Devs should of removed mmr while they removed dc penalities.

  • Dino7281Dino7281 Member Posts: 3,294
    edited October 2021

    Wraith wasn't really gutted. He is little bit harder to play, but I still play him time to time. DS is dead for me tho.

    "2 gens are done before a minute has passed" It's actuallly because of this event, survivors are using good tool-boxes to finish event gens a lot now.

    Bugs, well this is DBD, it's expected in every patch...

    RPD sucks, but that's not problem of this patch.

  • calemcalem Member Posts: 448

    Yeah, I've barely played since this year's Halloween update came out. Half the games are infinite loading screens, playing killer with MMR is extremely unfun 90% of the time, and most maps are just too survivor sided anyway.

  • StarLostStarLost Member Posts: 5,267

    Wraith may just be an issue of...whatever is happening with MMR. All I know is that I went from doing pretty decently on him to getting absolutely shellacked game after game. Regardless, the only thing that needed a nerf about him was his purple addon - if that.

    I try not to give the devs too hard of a time, as nobody expected DbD to become and remain as popular as it did. Sort of a case of a moose winning a sportscar.

    Until this patch though, it really felt like the game was in a spot where I could really enjoy it. I'm an...older gentleman, with crap reflexes and eyesight - and MMR meant that I'd be put up against survivors of a similar level.

    Whatever's happened though, be it the removal of the DC penalty or the MMR system being suspended (I still remember when they disabled killer matchmaking entirely for months because red-rank survivors were complaining about queue times) - something is completely busted right now.

  • RaSavage42RaSavage42 Member Posts: 3,227

    I took yesterday off...

    I won't be taking months off unless another game comes out that I'm able to get... Or something happened to me IRL

  • StarLostStarLost Member Posts: 5,267

    Yup. Why?

    I understand the mindset. You get into a loop where you go 'okay, let me get one decent game in so I can end today on a good note'. Then it's 4am and you are getting told to uninstall, because the games full in the postgame lobby by another ridiculous PC SWF with 4000 hours between them.

    Eventually it reaches critical mass and it's either take a long break, or attempt to detonate the entire internet by sticking a grenade between your butt-cheeks and jumping onto a laptop.

    Ah, the joys of being middle-aged. You can afford all the games you want (except that most of them just gather dust on your Steam list because the new Path of Exile season started, and your wife wants to play Heroes of the Storm with you).

  • BullettimegodBullettimegod Member Posts: 963

    Lets swf one day! Im not too good but not to bad either... tho i am a ttver but im not toxic. Too small of a viewership to be full of myself

  • StarLostStarLost Member Posts: 5,267

    I almost always play killer (I'm bad...but me playing survivor is like a chicken trying to drive a truck) - but sure. I'll assume your Twitch is the same as your forum handle?

  • BeaburdBeaburd Member Posts: 815
    edited October 2021

    That's nice of ya, I personally can't resist drilling into them when they drop the ball.

    Honestly I think it's because I literally grew up on multiple games they developed in the past (Jersey Devil, Bugs Bunny, The Grinch, etc.) and used to be pretty positive about this game when it first came out in 2016. Even if this game's success caught them with their pants down, there's just been so many public relation mistakes in conjunction with errors in general game design, balance, etc for the last 5 years that I think have just made me gradually more bitter.

    Even then though, I still like this game and want it to do better.

    Hopefully things will return to being fun for you and others (myself included) and one day we'll see less disasters akin to this patch.

  • MrCalac123MrCalac123 Member Posts: 952

    Just waitin on the game to not be broken tyvm

  • RaSavage42RaSavage42 Member Posts: 3,227

    Yea... no

    I am middle aged (30) but I have no money to my name (like 5$ or so)

    So I can't afford (Bad Word) right now

    Plus if a new game does come out that I like I'll have to ask my mom for it... lol (embarrassed laughter)... and then it'll have to hook me right off the bat or it'll be back to this or Overwatch

  • StarLostStarLost Member Posts: 5,267

    We'll see.

    The problem is that I have a sort of inertia, in that when I quit something it tends to be long term (aside from smoking, but that's a different matter). Games in particular.

    Woof mate, hope things turn around for you. Pandemic has been rough on some trades.

    It's one area where being married is awesome - it's so much cheaper when you can live/cook/do stuff together, and you wind up with tons of disposable income. Even if one of you loses their job, the other can temporarily pick up the slack.

    What do you do for a living, if you don't mind me asking?

  • BullettimegodBullettimegod Member Posts: 963
    edited October 2021

    No. My twitch is bullet92 if youre up for some games now ill get out of bed and play a few and dm you discord info

  • StarLostStarLost Member Posts: 5,267

    I'm actually heading to bed right now, but I'll hit you up on...Wednesday maybe (need to be productive tomorrow, was a potato today).

  • RaSavage42RaSavage42 Member Posts: 3,227


    I haven't worked in like 5 years

    So I'm living off of my mom (and I hate it)

    I have put in applications all over where I live but no one seems interested in what I can bring

  • GeneralVGeneralV Member Posts: 7,098

    I already am.

    I first started playing DBD in December of 2018, roughly around Legion's release. And I can safely say that, until July of 2019, it was the best I've ever played in my life.

    The reworks and unnecessary changes killed this game bit by bit for me, to the point where I couldn't take it anymore and I left. It is not the best outcome for someone who really loved the game, but I simply couldn't stay anymore.

  • RougualRougual Member Posts: 511

    I can survive any change BHVR makes but the hackers running free crosses the line. I doubt they'll ever fix it tho.

  • AurelleAurelle Member Posts: 2,211

    Yeah, I've been thinking about taking a long break. The only thing that's keeping me playing this game right now is the Rift.

  • StarLostStarLost Member Posts: 5,267

    Do you have a university degree of any sort?

    If so - look into teaching English abroad. Thailand, Japan, Vietnam, Korea - easy to get into, decent wages and most of them will train you for free.

    It's a tricky one.

    On one hand, EAC is a joke.

    On the other hand, hackers are becoming crazily sophisticated, and even games like COD and Overwatch with top tier proprietary anti-cheats still have hackers.

  • TheShapesMixtapeTheShapesMixtape Member Posts: 3,009

    I feel like i need a break from the game because i am addicted to it despite finding it incredibly frustrating.

    But i've already spent so much money on the game. And if i try to take a break from the game i probably won't come back. Plus i have no other games to play, or nothing else to do at this point in time.

  • SasukeKunSasukeKun Member Posts: 1,858

    yeah killer's ######### trash now

  • DragonMasterDarrenDragonMasterDarren Member Posts: 2,021

    I’ve been on hiatus since a few days after MMR released, and unless NFTs and a patch that makes the game unplayable in several ways count as important stuff that I should come back for, I have no intentions of coming back until MMR is either fixed or removed

  • steezo_desteezo_de Member Posts: 917

    Nope. If I have a bad night, I'll stop and play something else. I love the game, but it doesn't mean I can't stop playing for a day or two.

    Nothing is more important than your health and if you feel you need to take a long break, then do it. If you can't because you're addicted (and this is meant as a general disclaimer), get some help-- gaming addiction is a real thing. You may even find that cutting all ties, including visiting any forums or watching any videos is the only way to go instead of staying attached to something that is doing you harm.

    Anyway, my advice is to just take a week off and don't visit these complaint-heavy forums and letting it get into your head, thereby making your hiatus meaningless. Good luck.

  • StarLostStarLost Member Posts: 5,267

    Eh, I have other games to play and plenty of work to do around the house to keep me occupied.

    This thread is more of a 'I was having fun again, but then BHVR totally broke something' rant thread.

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