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After Circle of healing give us a meta killer perk to shake it up

I don't personally like boon totems as 1. It exists with a very broken perk that will be abused by the players who use it and 2. Perks like ruin and devour become useless when the survivor blesses the totem with the hex on it, I believe hexs should be brought back after breaking the boon but someones probably already gone over that and its not what this post is about

I like the perk for only one good reason, survivors can complain that not all four meta perks can't be run along side this perk, giving up a bt ds or adrenaline and it shakes up your matches for better or for worse. If BHVR made this perk for a meta change they got what they wanted but I hate it, survivors just run to the boon whenever there hit and heal over and over again and sometimes I just have to tunnel regardless of it being scummy because its impossible to snowball otherwise

If next update brings a killer perk that changes the meta I'll be thrilled to have some variety with my matches with and against killer. Obviously everyone's got opinions but I think we just need something to change what killers bring because all it is atm its just Ruin, tinkerer, Undying, Corrupt intervention, or at least that's what I'm getting

Something fun I wouldn't mind but as someone who's a killer main this game can be boring after the same match's over and over again and if I was to try a build or have fun I get punished for it. Just my opinion and your all entitled to your own


  • MikeyBoiMikeyBoi Member Posts: 272

    The meta is what’s fun and accustomed when you reach a certain skill gap imo. Ruin is the most annoying killer perk to go against currently and playing as killer I would say it’s the maps that are frustrating.

    I wish the devs would stop releasing poorly designed unhealthy killers and redundant survivor perks and start making balance changes to the current maps AND START MAKING MORE OUTDOOR MAPS THAT PLAY LIKE COAL TOWER!

    And get rid of this awful SBMM it solves nothing..

  • StarLostStarLost Member Posts: 5,404

    SBMM seemed to be working pretty well until the patch. It was a million times better than ranks (ie. killer matchmaking protections being disabled for almost a year).

    Now...something has either been disabled or broken.

    I really don't know why people complain about Ruin still. As a killer, it's a massive gamble, because savvy groups will either just brute force through it or it spawns right in the open next to a gen and is gone within a minute of the match starting. Honestly, there are at least 4 perks right now that are significantly more oppressive, and no I am not going into detail (rule #1 of killer: don't spread anything cool you find, as it will be nerfed).

    Yes to maps. I'm at the point now where I just cable-yank the second I see an RPD offering, or AFK the match. No, I'm not going to play a map with an infinite loop right near the main hub that even intermediate survivors now know to run to immediately.

    Devour is still an excellent perk. I honestly get more use out of it than Ruin, unless I'm playing 1 of 2 very specific killers.

    The problem with boons isn't a numbers issue - it's a mechanics issue. Even assuming they balance COH out and fix the uncleanse-able totem spots (never a guarantee, there are still dead zones that survivors can crawl to where you can't pick them up), the idea of survivor totems just doesn't work.

    A survivor team can spare someone to go and do the hex totem (hell, they even have a perk specifically for this!) but there is only 1 killer, who is permanently time-starved. By the time you've found the fiddly little thing (no aura, weird, inconsistent 'hum' SFX) survivors are on the other side of the map 99%'ing several gens and setting up another boon.

    It's a cute idea, but just not one that works in DbD. It's on par with the instant flashlight stuns that the devs defended for ages, then pretended never happened.

  • gatsbygatsby Member Posts: 2,339


  • MegaGamer_01MegaGamer_01 Member Posts: 172
    edited October 2021

    The meta for me is what I find bad imo. I want variety but most perks in this game barley have anything compared to the main 5 used with both killer and survivor (that extra one being pop and iron will). I want to use something like second wind with survivor because I see that as a fun perk but activating it is so difficult I normally go back to meta perks.

    Plus meta has way more benefits than every other perk in the game, you get downed and getting slugged? Unbreakable. Tunneled? DS, even adrenaline can help in this scenario. Need distance to get to that pallet? Dead hard. Tell me at least four perks that help in any of the scenarios I just mentioned and you'll most likely come up with nothing better

    Same with killer, look through all the perks and you won't find any better. The maps I find to be fine but I wish Hawkins got turned into a neon alleyway map for trickster as it's my personal favorite map to play

  • jesterkindjesterkind Member Posts: 2,985

    To be fair, the chapter before last did give us Lethal Pursuer, which is more than strong enough to warrant being a meta perk. It's insanely good and weirdly slept on.

  • MegaGamer_01MegaGamer_01 Member Posts: 172

    Devour I honestly can't use without getting two stacks to then get cleansed last second, you call ruin a gamble but not devour but your probably thinking in the sense that survivors realize there's no ruin and continue to ignore the hex until 3 stacks and if that is the case, fair.

    RPD is the only exception I'll give to the maps it is a maze if you don't know the layout, still playable but that one infinite can suck all life out of the map if survivors abuse it as most killers can't do anything to catch up.

    Fixing COH or boons still probably won't do anything to prevent abuse from it. Healing without a medkit or self care is very rewarding without the struggle. Autodidact is a perk that comes to mind with risk/reward, if in the moment where a heal is needed and you don't have stacks your team punished for not setting up properly (even when the perk don't really help the player set up anyway) but if you do your rewarded for taking time off gens to heal. Maybe something like a stack system with this perk could do but overall with such little risk with huge reward it'll be used for a while

  • MegaGamer_01MegaGamer_01 Member Posts: 172

    Deadlock is OK but nothing compared to the possible slow down at the start of the game with corrupt. If you have ruin active it can be helpful but survivors will camp and wait for deadlock to expire or do another gen

  • VerconisspVerconissp Member Posts: 1,304
  • StarLostStarLost Member Posts: 5,404

    It's incredibly map and killer dependent. It can also be hard-countered by some survivor perks, such as Distortion.

    On some maps (RPD in particular) it's a crap-shoot as to whether you'll be able to reach the survivors before they've moved elsewhere. Hell, there are at least 2 gens on that map where - even if you head there immediately - the gen can be finished before you get there.

    It also relies on you being able to turn it into pressure (not a guarantee thanks to COH) or a hook (never a guarantee) to stop it being a completely wasted slot.

    I'll give you that it's good on DDS, but - assuming they ever fix the uncleanse-able boon spots on DDS - you'll need to burn an offering. Otherwise you risk getting stuck in RPD or another huge map where, at best, you might get an early chase out of it.

  • MegaGamer_01MegaGamer_01 Member Posts: 172

    Only a few killers I can say work well with lethal pursuer, ghost face probably being the main one. Knowing where to get your first few 99's for the match is pretty good but otherwise this perk is not that good with other killers. Yes knowing where survivors spawn is good for a chase starter but besides that this perk is useless

  • IrisoraIrisora Member Posts: 1,326

    lol maybe for a beginner. It's far from being strong, its just useful if you lack tracking skills or you can't find survivors at the start wich its not difficult at all.

  • yobudddyobuddd Member Posts: 2,067

    Sledgehammer: Destroy 1/2/3 pallets that have not been pulled down.

  • StarLostStarLost Member Posts: 5,404

    It's a gamble, sure - but to me it's a much smarter one.

    It may be different at very high MMRs, but at my 'intermediate' MMR, survivors never cleanse it until 3 stacks unless I'm absurdly unlucky on spawns. Although watching Otz and co., they frequently get huge value out of it.

    Once it's at 3 stacks, time has elapsed, I've hopefully already got a few hooks and the game space has narrowed down. It's much easier to turn them looking for it and me having an insta-down into pressure.

    Boons are going to have to be nerfed. My guess is that they add a 60 second duration to it or something, after which it turns back into a dull totem.

  • GhostMaceNotCrustyGhostMaceNotCrusty Member Posts: 710

    We haven't had an interesting hex in a while. Scourge hooks have a lot of potential

  • MegaGamer_01MegaGamer_01 Member Posts: 172

    I'm assuming I'm high mmr at this point because I face the same perks repeatably, but for me it's gone before the third stack most of the time and even if I get a down it's most likely gone right after. While I do believe that ruin is a juggernaut of a perk, I agree with the idea that if in low mmr where survivors ain't on meth rushing gens there can be potential for huge value but for me by the time the perk starts to be useful its gone

    60's with a boon would make them completely useless in the sense that if you were to run COH to heal then you should've just healed in the first place. Maybe something like devour where after 3 stacks of healing others to another health state the perk activates then 5 stacks turns it into the perk we have now

  • yobudddyobuddd Member Posts: 2,067

    Scourge Hook: Obliterate

    Each time you hook a survivor on a scourge hook, a random pallet of unsafe/safe/god quality will be destroyed by the Entity. It does not matter if the pallet has been pulled or not.

    If no pallets remain at that quality level, then a pallet of the next highest level will be destroyed instead.

  • MegaGamer_01MegaGamer_01 Member Posts: 172

    I kinda forgot they existed until now. They have a bit going for the idea of having a hook being the activation of the perk. Something like sabotaging the scourge hook gives you a negative status effect of some-sort wouldn't be such of a bad idea. There's probably many more but that's just one off the top of my head and could be a good way to make another meta perk

  • MegaGamer_01MegaGamer_01 Member Posts: 172

    Now that has potential to be broken but maybe something like destroying a pallet closest to the hooked survivor could work but good idea nonetheless

  • yobudddyobuddd Member Posts: 2,067

    It sounds rough, but if you only get one scourge hook (and for this perk you SHOULD be limited to one), then you’re gonna really have to work to get value from it. Hardest part is reaching the hook when you down someone.

    Up to 9 hooks before a dying survivor destroys the hook, but someone could also suicide on their first hook and negate further usage.

    I would expect an average of about 3 pallets destroyed from the perk.

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