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Was there a change to how early bloodwebs work?

anarchy753anarchy753 Member Posts: 3,317
edited October 2021 in General Discussions

Over the last couple of months I've worked on prestiging my last few killers, as well as a few survivors for various reasons, and I've noticed a trend that I never remember being the case, but keeps happening.

At early bloodweb levels when you have no choice between perks, it seems the game now gives you ~10 perks and then forces you to take tier 2 of all of those perks before any new ones show up.

Considering that in many cases, perk tiers are largely irrelevant for many perks, I've found that this makes playing the characters take far longer to be enjoyable than in past times when perks were more random, because at least then there was a half-decent shot at getting a decent build together, where instead I now seem to be stuck with 10-15 levels of tier two trash perks.

This isn't just a one off either. I've had an almost identical situation with Trickster, Nemesis, Pinhead and Steve on all of their prestige levels, so I'm curious if this has been happening to anyone else.


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