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why is BHVR ignoring my insult report

shitmanshitman Member Posts: 206
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A week ago I had a game, I was trying to get adept for a trapper. I was able to kill one player, and one left the game altogether. At the end of the game, he wrote a lot of insults for no reason, he also mentioned my nationality. It doesn't matter, I just wanted to know if they were being punished for it, wrote a report and sent a video.

Already a week has passed, there is only one viewing on the video and it's mine. BHVR did not respond to my report. It's strange because when I write about bugs, they immediately respond and ask to take a survey about the quality of service.

My friends and I have never noticed that someone is punished for insults and toxicity of players in the game chat, do you think it makes sense to write these complaints at all? Why does BHVR dont care?

English is not my native language, sorry.

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