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Borrowed time change

Chilli_man2400Chilli_man2400 Member Posts: 1,696
edited October 27 in Feedback and Suggestions

Even though Borrowed time is a pretty balanced perk it’s not perfect. There’s one thing that’s really annoying about this perk. It doesn’t promote anti tunneling. Basically my problem with the perk is it’s annoying when someone unhooks and when you go for the unhooker the guy with BT body blocks and [BAD WORD] you over cause he can block you in and you have no choice but to hit him. Here’s my change

For 8/10/12 seconds after unhooking a survivor that survivor is protected by the endurance status effect.

  • Any damage taken that would put survivors in the dying state is ignored and will put deep wound on that survivor
  • Taking damage while under deep wound or taking a protection hit will put the survivor into the dying state


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