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Well done BHVR for a sort of balance game

I want to say that you to BHVR for DBD as somebody who equally plays killer and survivor. I read loads of post on here of people saying the game is killer / survivor sided and it may seem that way, but the more I play I see it's not. It is very hard to balance a game that is asymmetrical, it's not like a game of 5 aside where you have equal teams and it's down to the players to pick, you have a game where one team of four have to do various challenges while being chased and trying to escape, against one player who's only job is to hunt and kill.

The reason why it seams unbalanced is because you are left the the mercy of other players, especially when you add challenges for reward. Take my last game, with two Mikaela's who's only interest was staying alive to do totems, or the games where players have to do chests. These players are so busy with the their own challenges to worry about you. Then you have the players that are just plain selfish, who lead the killer to you doing gens, just to get the killer away from them, this may be a way of staying alive, but not much team work. One these occasions it feels like it it killer sided. The odd lucky times that the team of four work together it is bless.

From a killer side it feels it is survivor sided when those teams of four do work together, or you are unlucky enough to meet that long time survivor, who knows the maps and the loops, who can run you and make it hard for you and the rest of the team just get on doing the gens.

The game is not one sided or the other, maybe the matchmaking needs a fixed and that's the problem, that killers are being given either bad teams when they are good or good teams when they are poor, or the teams are being match together badly. Maybe it's just the mentality of some of the players, just as some killers will camp just to be toxic, because it is fun ruining somebodies game, more fun then doing the game itself, and some survivors are having more fun watching their teammates get kllled or just selfish gameplay. These are the things cannot be fixed because it is just human nature.

I know there will be lots of comments disagreeing, but again, this proves the point of human nature.


  • ShapedShaped Member Posts: 5,201

    It is survivor sided when your teammates are decent and focused on the objective imo.

    I didn't really saw that until sbmm arrived. I changed my opinion.

  • Dino7281Dino7281 Member Posts: 3,294
    edited October 2021

    This game is balanced for few killers. Then you have a lot of killers, where it's really not.

    Then you see changes like Wraith, or Deathslinger nerf and you just lose hope...

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