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Sneaky but teamwork-ish Perks?

XupsiXupsi Member Posts: 4

Hello, I used to be a rank 1 survivor last year, but I didn't play DBD for a while. I started playing again like a month ago, and I love it again. I'm trying to build the best perk-system to evade the killer, and be helpful for my teammates at the same time. The best I have tried so far is: Urban Evasion, Botany knowledge, Lithe, and Lightweight. Honestly, I feel like I could live without Lightweight, but I have no idea what to use instead of that... I'm pretty good at evading the killer, but once they see me, I'm doomed, I just can't seem to escape, that's why I have Lithe.


  • RuniverRuniver Member Posts: 2,095

    Empathy, obviously.
    Bond can help, too.

    Ironwill is also quite a mandatory perk for stealth players.

  • aufovskyaufovsky Member Posts: 52

    1 Urban Evasion - u basically crouchwalk faster then normal walk.
    2 Iron will - helps u with hiding after hit
    3 Self care - its basically best perk in whole game that every set should include.
    4 Leader - nice to gen rush
    5 Kinderd - so not all your teammates will rush to help u only 1 or 2.
    6 Borrowed time - Its very strong perk right now can do some clutch things at the end of the match when killer want to secure kill.
    7 empathy - so u can go and heal your teammates. ( but i would not recommend that since almost everybody have selfcare now )
    8 We'll Make It - fast heal after unhook

    My 4 set for u is
    1 Self Care
    2 Urban Evasion
    3 Kindred
    4 Borrowed Time

  • HeroLivesHeroLives Member Posts: 1,710
    Runiver said:

    Empathy, obviously.
    Bond can help, too.

    Ironwill is also quite a mandatory perk for stealth players.

    I personally like bond more than empathy Bc if an injured player is close enough you see them as well as everyone else.

     Leader is also a great perk for quicker gen times when working with others. Goes great with bond. 

    We are going to make it 
    ya know if you like going in for saves it helps unhooking faster 

    borrowed time comes in great for close camping killers. You know the ones that don’t face camp but proximity camp and still have time to get you or them. It makes it where for a limited time you and the person you unhook are untouchable basically.

    For evasion
    sprint burst though killers don’t really like it. It honestly only lasts 3 seconds though with a long exhaustion even at tier 3. So I can see why you like lithe more. 

    urban evasion is great for crouch walking fast without setting off crow alerts.
    i agree with runiver iron will is great for stealth.
  • PiriPiri Member Posts: 8

    I had some funsies with that setup

    Quick & Quiet
    Iron Will
    Urban Evasion

  • GlossedGlossed Member Posts: 48

    Urban Evasion
    We'll Make it
    We're gonna live forever (To get rewarded for being a team based survivor)
    Borrowed Time

  • VellVell Member Posts: 8

    Not really a meta perk build, or the best perk lineup of it's kind. But I thought I could put a couple ideas forward.
    1) Some kind of passive buff perk. Like Vigil or Leader.
    2) A good altruistic perk. Such as Borrowed Time, We'll Make It or Botany Knowledge.
    3) A stealth perk like Urban Evasion, Iron Will or Quick & Quiet.
    4) And finally, you'll want an Exhaustion perk. Sprint Burst, Lithe, Balanced Landing or Dead Hard.

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