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Why Don't Survivors Fight Back

βLAKEβLAKE Member Posts: 544

As the title states, "Why don't survivors fight back?" I feel like 4 grown people can take one killer especially someone as fragile or small like The Hag and The Pig.



  • weirdkid5weirdkid5 Member Posts: 1,916

    They have stated before in the devstreams that the Killers are incapable of being injured, but they do still feel pain. For example, the screams when they get hit by a pallet, or Nurse when she slows down after teleporting.

  • DizzylizardDizzylizard Member Posts: 7

    I'm still like the idea that the four survivors could totally gang up and mori pig, or tie her up or something, she isn't even gigantic like the other human(ish) killers like huntress/shape/trapper so I bet one of the more strong ones like David could just overpower her, especially with some help.

  • SqrunkTrepSqrunkTrep Member Posts: 30

    @MrChills said:
    I disagree. have you sent how tiny those survivors are? Plus the entity fuels the killers with power hence how the pig and hag can break pallets. Also, David I am sure, lore wise has tried to fight a killer.. it didnt have a happy ending.

    You're talking about how small survivors are in compare to killers and in the same sentence talk about pig that's same size as average survivor

  • lionsoulionsou Member Posts: 61

    @βLAKE if you play the game you die and you "come back". The characters here are a duplicate of their true selves and they are forced to SURVIVE not fight. they cant just fight back because they might have done it before and failed countless times... Dying and dying and dying, Over and over and over again. when you play dead by daylight and select a character you appear with a Shroud of smoke proving that you aren't the Real Dwight or Claudette or Meg or Jake or David or Tapp or Bill or Laurie or Nea or Quinten or Feng.

  • 8BITLORD8BITLORD Member Posts: 27

    Would you punch a massive chainsaw wielding man with super speed who killed his entire family as a kid and had his abilities made stronger with super senses, endurance, and breaking solid objects with a light kick who can effortlessly pick you up and keep you there?

    I thought so.

    You wanna fight back machete , knife with fists O_O 
    I wish you luck !!!
  • TheHolySpiritTheHolySpirit Member Posts: 1

    @swenpai said:
    If a terrifyingly scary killer would chase you, would you fight back?
    If yes, then..


    What if you knew you couldn't die? You're telling me you would just let The Entity kill you over and over again? That's pretty strange, because survivors can't die.

  • SuperyoshieggSuperyoshiegg Member Posts: 194

    @TheHolySpirit said:

    @swenpai said:
    If a terrifyingly scary killer would chase you, would you fight back?
    If yes, then..


    What if you knew you couldn't die? You're telling me you would just let The Entity kill you over and over again? That's pretty strange, because survivors can't die.

    They still obviously feel pain when hit. Even if I couldn't die, I still wouldn't go toe-to-toe with any of the killers.

  • GlossedGlossed Member Posts: 48

    Do you see how big and scary they are? Even David King runs, And do you see all of his muscle with the shirtless skin?The killers are called Killers for a reason.

  • xxaggieboyxxxxaggieboyxx Member Posts: 498

    wouldnt be surprised if in lore they fought back at least once so they get the picture that they cant win also the entity gives killers super strength, speed and cant be killed plus the survivor tries something they get hit with the killers weapon. i have thought that the pig would be the weakest if killers could die or be attacked by survivors. just imagine 4 davids beating the crap out of the pig

  • Trapper_LickerTrapper_Licker Member Posts: 8

    I've once stared down a Trapper with David King to the point where he would slowly back away from me whenever he saw me in the match :'D

    I'm 100% convinced David tried to deck the killers on more than one occasion, and, in all honestly, so would I. If you have been stuck in the fog for years you'll get used to the pain. Getting murdered will still hurt, dying will still be somewhat scary I'd assume, but what would keep me going on the long run would be spite. It's trying to break the rules, testing their limits. Also it gives you back a feeling of being somewhat "in control" in an otherwise absolutely hopeless situation. Though I agree, it would most probably not "change" anything, since the Entity will not allow serious harm to come towards its killers, it would be a form of protest.

  • laplacelaplace Member Posts: 36

    Wait so on stream they said survivors cant fight back but this doesn't explain Jane Romero's perk where she literally charges on the killer and stuns them. This means that all the survivors should be able to lay the smackdown on the killer. I still can't wrap my head around the idea that a highschool kid wearing a mask is able to beat and kill someone like David King or Bill. I mean if according to the stream they can't jump, talk, or fight but are still able to charge the killer with the latest perk, why can't David perform a rugby tackle or something? Sounds like plot induced stupidity to me. In fact I believe the only ones who they couldn't beat would be Myers, The Huntress, and The Trapper. Other than that I don't see any reason why they can't each grab a toolbox or a flashlight and start beating the crap out of the killer.

  • KillermainBTWm8KillermainBTWm8 Member Posts: 4,215

    We already saw what happens when you let survivors have a chance to kill the killer *cough* F13 literally killed jason 20 games in a row. Lorewise though I guess the entity probably would intervene if the killer was in any kind of trouble. Like the lorewise assistance through perks like NOED.

  • Shad03Shad03 Member Posts: 3,733

    I would be for it if David King had a buff to Dead Hard, allowing him to 'Rugby Tackle' killers if he decided to use the ability to stun the killer for a few brief seconds. This comes with the risk that he would have to deliberately turn towards the killer to do so, giving them time to knock him down.

  • mcNuggetsmcNuggets Member Posts: 767

    Because it's a game and Killers seem to be invincible.

    Michael is for sure atleast.

  • OrionOrion Member Posts: 15,357

    Killers are immortal. You might as well try to punch your way out of a cave, at least you know stone is breakable.

  • MasterMaster Member Posts: 10,208

    In reallife you would [BAD WORD] your pants aswell if you had to run away from hag =)

  • laplacelaplace Member Posts: 36

    Yeah but I'm talking lore wise. I mean it's completely out of character for bill to run seeing as he died running TOWARDS a giant mutated zombie in left 4 dead. I just feel like there is something missing. If pallets falling on the killers heads hurt them, then a swift kick to the balls or a clean shot on the jaw should be efficient in hurting them. And if the killers are as strong as they are said to be, then why can't they down or even kill survivors with just one hit?

  • Detective_JonathanDetective_Jonathan Member Posts: 1,165

    The only way for survivors to fight back is through the use of Flashlights, that is literally their only weapon. It doesn't kill the killer but it does by them enough time to get away, flashing them at pallets, making flashlight saves, all of that is the only way for them to gain ground.

  • laplacelaplace Member Posts: 36

    And shouldn't bill be able to handle more punishment? The stuff he got hit with in left 4 dead makes dead by daylight look like nothing.

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