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Halloween tokens after Halloween event

I have Cursed Seed tokens that I don't need as I have done the challenges that I needed them for. I also have Blight Serum that I find is pretty useless, as it uses the same key as other actions such as trappers traps. Both of these items I have had to buy while levelling up on the bloodweb, I had no choice put to spend BP on it.

Once the event is over, will these remain and be no use? Do I have to keep them until next Halloween? Will they be redeemed for BP? Will they be exchanged for something else?


  • BeanLagBeanLag Member Posts: 94

    Who is going to tell him? 🤭🤭

  • MiloMilo Member Posts: 6,953

    I shall.

    So, in the past, event offerings that weren't used were kept for the next event so that you don't lose them. HOWEVER this halloween event they added a new offering (Cursed Seed) and completely forgot about an old offering (Pustula Petals). So.... yes. Maybe?

    And about the serum - Killer version of the add-on last year was disabled for the whole year till now. The Survivor version however you could use whenever. And no, you couldn't have redeemed them for BP.

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