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EAC on Steam Deck / Proton / Linux



  • MBAdeptMBAdept Member Posts: 7

    :( Because updating a server tool and do literally 5 mouseclicks on Steam take several weeks?

  • MBAdeptMBAdept Member Posts: 7

    Sorry, but I doubt that.

    The UNREAL-Engine runs usually native on Linux, and the SDK for EAC is just an update without any further implements.

    In case of the Steam/Proton-issue, it IS a few mouseclicks.

  • nikodemonikodemo Member Posts: 353

    thank you so much! i really appreciate your attentiveness on this! i'm looking forward to it, and we're happy to help with testing if you want!

  • PapaMikeyPapaMikey Member Posts: 8

    +1 like so many people here the only reason I stopped playing was because I switched to Linux. I still have windows installed for Dead by Daylight, but rarely ever play it because I have to boot into windows just to play one game. Please hurry and fix this issue.

  • MandyTalkMandyTalk Administrator, Co-ordinator, BHVR Posts: 18,304

    As Steamdeck is not launching until February 2022 and I've already confirmed that we possibly won't be implementing this at launch, there are no further updates on DbD being on Steamdeck.

  • nikodemonikodemo Member Posts: 353

    This is true, but do note that getting the change applied earlier will let Linux users test it out.

    We're ready when you are! :D

  • nikodemonikodemo Member Posts: 353

    Looks like SMITE has already enabled this feature for their EAC.

    It's really that easy, BHVR. I bet you could get it done likity split.

  • mefflemeffle Member Posts: 2

    Bumping since there's been no update. Also worth pointing out that you confirmed you'd enable this, but probably won't be in time for the steam deck launch - that's fine, but you said it before the deck got delayed. Also, it's not like we only want this support for the deck itself, I'd imagine a large amount of new/returning players would just be from Linux on a desktop.

  • jomarocasjomarocas Member Posts: 6

    you are don't interesting in make support for linux, is simply the quota es very low, but thinking in this, only you need to update the eac to latest version, and is all, the rest the users are beta testers and all that happen later is for developers of wine or vk3d3, the only of users want is support EAC, i think the game works out of the box but we need support of devs of this game, but i cannot believe that you wait until steam deck, i want play in linux, i forget this game because is the only game that i no play in linux, and of course i don't have the popup the show me the survey if i play in linux, the quota can be grow, but steam has a bug with this, the quota can be of 3% or more, thinking 1800 users play in linux or more

  • InnCognitoInnCognito Member Posts: 698
    edited January 6

    I honestly have no issues with them not allowing this game or any online competitive game to be played on linux.

    I did quite a bit in college with linux. Anticheats just simply cannot run on Open Source operating systems and be trusted. There is too much a person can freely manipulate and circumvent in Linux, UNIX and Open source OS. Sure, i am a Debian, Ubunti, and fan of Mint. but I do realize and RESPECT the company's decision on what they have done for this very reason.

  • cr0ydoncr0ydon Member Posts: 3

    I strongly agree with several comments made in this thread.

    Basically, if you update EAC to allow Linux you will get a huge amount of work done for free by players regarding testing, quality assurance and bug reporting. And you will help the development of the compatibility layers (by potentially showcasing what is missing), so it will be finished earlier.

    None of this costs a single Dollar for you, but it certainly will make Linux users happier (yes, even if DbD might now actually run in the beginning) and DbD on the Steam Deck will be earlier ready which might help you to make even more money.

  • slowmotionslowmotion Member Posts: 3

    Sad that it wasn't mentioned on the future update post. My friends have been pestering me about playing this game for ages.

  • MandyTalkMandyTalk Administrator, Co-ordinator, BHVR Posts: 18,304

    That's because there's no further news on this. We have confirmed that it will not be on SteamDeck at launch and we do not currently have a date when it will be on Steamdeck - we've confirmed nothing else in relation to this.

  • slowmotionslowmotion Member Posts: 3

    Thx for the response. I was just concerned that it wasn't mentioned in the future part that had no particular timeframe. Glad it's not forgotten :)

  • GottlosGottlos Member Posts: 99

    Just adding my name to the hat for people that would love Steamdeck support, DBD would definitely be one of the games I would love to play on it.

  • HakuHaku Member Posts: 610

    Just to add something myself since I just read something interesting from another dev \Warhammer: Vermintide 2\ on steam forums. According to him and Ill quote " EAC has two versions. Non-EOS and EOS (Epic Online Services). Most games historically use Non-EOS EAC. It's the one Vermintide 2 uses as well. Epic only added Proton support for the EOS version of EAC. Therefor in order to implement proton support for Vermintide 2, a huge amount of reworking of the EAC implementation would be required, which may also require all players to authenticate with Epic Online Services as well -- perhaps even logging in to the Epic environment (to be confirmed, however)." So careful with that please ! You rush anything Epic related on Steam without announcments way before happening and there may be a missive backlash like the Tomb Raider games had recently!

  • nikodemonikodemo Member Posts: 353

    I haven't heard of any Epic account requirements for SMITE, so I imagine it's all backend stuff.

    Question is, then, does DbD use the EOS EAC or the older non-EOS EAC?

    @MandyTalk would you be able to find out for us?

  • MandyTalkMandyTalk Administrator, Co-ordinator, BHVR Posts: 18,304

    That's not information that we are making public.

    I just reiterate that all we've confirmed is that we will support Steamdeck (we have not said anything about proton/linux on PC) and its unlikely to be available at launch.

  • nikodemonikodemo Member Posts: 353

    Ah ok. Well, all in good time then!

  • Stephen304Stephen304 Member Posts: 9

    This is fantastic news! Now both EAC and BattleEye games can support linux in actually a few clicks. No changes to game code or SDK updates required. I've been wanting to play DBD for so long, thanks to Valve bending over backwards to get game developers access to these easy options maybe we will be able to play soon :)

    @MandyTalk In case news hasn't reached the devs yet, do make sure they hear of this recent update which should make the task much easier. In a few days the deck compatibility ratings will start going live, but I'm sure it will still be a while before the testers get to DBD. It would obviously be better for DBD to start out with a good deck compatibility rating rather than require a re-test.

    From the new Steamworks documentation:

    Easy Anti-Cheat

    Proton supports Easy Anti-Cheat without requiring any recompilation, but it does require you to manually enable support for your build by following these steps in order:

    1. Go into the EAC settings on the EAC partner site and enable Linux support from the dashboard.

    2. Once that's done, download the EAC Linux library (easyanticheat_x64.so) for the SDK version integrated with your game, and add it to your depot next to the Windows library (EasyAntiCheat_x64.dll).

    3. Lastly, on the Steamworks site, publish a new build of your game containing the new depot contents. (You don't have to make any changes to the game executable, just include the new files in the depot contents.)

    So now the steps are, ticking the box on the dashboard, and adding the correct .so file to the game depot and publishing that. No new builds, sdk updates, or recompiling required.

    Also of note regarding resubmitting for re-testing:

    If your title's functionality was previously blocked or limited by anti-cheat, but you've since completed the above steps to enable Proton/Steam Deck support, you can resubmit your game for a follow-up review. Please see the Steam Deck Compatibility Review documentation for more details.

  • cweamcweam Member Posts: 4

    Fantastic news, I hope this will get implemented soon!

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