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Infinite loading screen is becoming FAR too frequent

RyuhiRyuhi Member Posts: 656

It's literally every 3-5 games right now, and it only ever seems to happen when I play survivor. I had it happen maybe twice before 2.4, but now I can barely even play the game, and all my offerings are going to waste. This event is completely unplayable as survivor for me right now.


  • CoderCoder Member Posts: 368

    Agree, it happens to me too. I have to kill the process and open the game again. It's insane.

  • megdonaldsmegdonalds Member Posts: 560

    It got even worse overall. Firstly there is the infinite loading when you try to join the lobby as solo surv and secondly there is the problem where only 3 or less survs enter the match.

  • strikingearth26strikingearth26 Member Posts: 30

    try verifying your files on steam, i was having this issue, every other game was infinite loading or crashing, after verifying, it has still happened, but not as often...

  • LOL I even sent them 10 minutes of video of infinite load window and still nothing

  • VoxyldVoxyld Member Posts: 23

    If it ends up being because the killer (host) killed the lobby to try again or something and the game can't just send you back to main menu I'll be pissed. I hope it's more complex than this, but I heard it could be that and it would kind of make sense, in a twisted way.

  • chrizzychrizzy Member Posts: 5


    i lost the fun and all my offerings

  • JdsgamesJdsgames Member Posts: 1,109

    @Voxyld I have noticed two instances of Infinite Load Screen

    As soon as you attempt to join a game lobby.

    This infinite load screen is quite unique in some cases wherein the lobby side you join, however, you are like a player that never 'ready's up!' the game automatically starts after a minute once the four players are in. Depending on how long you sit in the loading screen I have noticed on some occasions coming back to an end-game screen showing me with 0 points as if I dc'd. Which I could not determine if I had lost pips from this. However, in that case, you are clearly still connected to the game. Which may be the root to a lot of these 3 people loading in games people are also experiencing.

    The other instance seems to be that you never join anything and the game seems to bug out on not knowing where to send you. (This is more common) Requiring a forceful stop. I am curious if anyone else found serious lag when attempting to do it by this way? My system on occasion will slow to a crawl until the process is fully killed. I would also mention in this case my computer is not a potato so for me it should clearly not be doing this.

  • papaiursopapaiurso Member Posts: 91

    Same here.

  • BlueberryBlueberry Member Posts: 5,684

    Yeah since the last patch this stuck loading screen is happening to me a LOT. I hope when we have to force shutdown DBD because of this froze loading screen that this isn't counting against us as left games for a temporary ban.It's happening at a high enough frequency to get a ban for leaving games.

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