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What’s up with All the Camping and Tunneling?



  • fiorefefiorefe Member Posts: 17

    It can be a "me" problem, but why tf It started when sbmm came?

    And... that sbmm thing, for me, isnt "adjusting" nothing.

    Yk, Im a bad player (in my opinion), but I keep getting those super good killers. Like... If in 8 out of 10 matches I die, my sbmm doesnt "adjust".

    I get reaaally mad when a game mechanic doesnt make a difference for me.

  • InspireInspire Member Posts: 123

    Saying that killers/survivors didn't know what they were doing in 2017-2018 is a complete lie. 1-2 years after a games release is usually when the playerbase starts to learn and understand the game.

  • DaWeezerdDaWeezerd Member Posts: 255

    I don't blame how rare Spirits are after this patch lmao

  • SwampofferingSwampoffering Member Posts: 247

    Behaviour must do something against Tunnel and Camp..... Maybe stop buffing survivors and Nerf genrush? Maybe, I don't know.

    Is not fun to tunnel someone, I am main killer and I don't like It but to be honest is the only way to keep pressure in a match. I am tired of being forced to use every Game with every killer gen regression perks to avoid getting stomped in 5 mins, but Behaviour doesnt want to change this metagame so we have to adapt and sadly the best way to deal with this meta is tunneling. Look for the weak link and tunnel that player out of the Game as fast as you can loosing less gens possible. There is Allways a weak link, even in competitive teams, and really easy to find.

    Do you want to end with this meta? Ok, Me too, I want to use another perk not the same 4 perks for the rest of my Life. Start Complaining about how easy is to repair, how easy is to "Loop" on strong survivor Maps (75% of DBD Maps), how strong SwF is and when BHVR make any change, this tunnel meta Will end or Will be reduced a lot, If I can Chase you and your team mates without loosing One gen per hook, I will Chase the entire team and play Fair, but for now, I Will keep my tunneling strategy, and Facecamping as Bubba while I am Looking something on Netflix :)

  • JexxTronJexxTron Member Posts: 227

    20 mins to read all ya posts. all agree killers must guard hook and look for people coming to save. No better way currently. I play killer to get money for SWF. So let the killers do what they need to do and let the survivors do the same. Why do you need words like "TUNNEL" and "CAMP" They are just words to complain with. just go play. If you don't have fun, go play Silent Hill again. Killers, maybe you should drop your catch and chase the person behind you. a downed survivor is useless. There are no rules. The rule book is from the parodies on youtube. Game on. Everyone rises to their level of incompetence. And anyway, all you boys are dogs.

  • Alphasoul05Alphasoul05 Member Posts: 487
    edited October 2021

    The problem is as the game went on, the ways to apply pressure became less relevant. Slugging was nerfed by increasing recovery speed, even moreso with perks like UB. Hit and run doesn't work because for several reasons, which is even worse with the introduction of a free 5th perk in the form of a Boon totem. A bad survivor can deal with a much better killer by simply holding Shift+W on massive maps, and camp/pre-drop every pallet due to the safety of pallets being buffed with hit validation. Throw in second chance perks and well, you have to simply deal with so much to the point it's just easier to tunnel and camp.

    It's not really an enjoyable experience for both sides. I just want to get into chases with the killer, but generators go so quickly and killers so often do those two things, that I just end up with countless boring games. It doesn't matter if I go and "waste time" applying a Boon or running to heal near one, when I have so much time to work with in-game compared to the killer.

  • scubasydscubasyd Member Posts: 71

    It’s because that’s how you have to play killer now. Too many surv buffs too msny killer nerfs and the mmr system. Not sure how I can even get into a game … who is actually playing killer?

  • StarLostStarLost Member Posts: 5,497

    Yes, start. There is a difference between starting to understand a game and understanding a game.

    Look at SC2. Year 2 of WoL and year 4 of WoL were night and day in terms of refinement and sophistication.

  • Khelendrose2020Khelendrose2020 Member Posts: 116

    Honestly, I blame MMR. Camping and tunneling is the easiest way to either break even or gain in MMR. Most tunnel matches end in 2-3 kills. Kills are all the matter really.

    Welcome to BHVR'S idea of fun and fair. lol

  • YidnaYidna Member Posts: 14

    Hit and run playstyles are basically unplayable atm with boon totems. Resetting is extremely easy now and its at little to no cost.

  • LittleSageyLittleSagey Member Posts: 77

    oh ive been here since the beginning, but im saying killer is at its lowest point in the current meta/state. We dont talk about old insta heals and forever broken hooks because games are always trash when they are new. but in the current 2019-2021 era, its pretty bad right now.

  • VikingDragonXiiVikingDragonXii Member Posts: 1,196

    You must be drunk because I play killer most of the time and it has been a pain in my -bleep-. I don't play dirty like camping or tunneling but have noticed I have been doing that more and more because of CoH and Gem Rushing.....I tend to guard my little 3 Gen Dead zone to try and keep the pressure up but it doesn't always work.

  • Tr1nityTr1nity Member Posts: 4,861

    Woah. No objectivity. All arguments must be subjective viewpoints on objective arguments.

  • BadLooperQBadLooperQ Member Posts: 277

    I felt the pain when you said "played solo"....

    Solo q needs some love from the devs.

  • mrdeadmrdead Member Posts: 51

    MMR 100% encourages tunneling, camping and discourages altruistic play,

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