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Controversial suggestion

When a survivor has a flashlight, you see them waving around trying to blind you. This is easy to avoid by moving your head about.

When you get hit by a pallet, you do not have this option as the animation plays. You already have a penalty because you have been hit by a pallet and either have to break it or go round. If the survivor then has a flashlight you cannot avoid it because of the animation and the inability to move your head, you then get a double penalty.

Maybe give the killer the ability to look away during this time, or even just close the killers eyes so pallet drops and blinding does not happen together.

I know you could run Franklins, but then you lose a perk slot. Or to even the survivors side, give them a perk to pallet blind, that way it would even the playing field, because if a player wants to flashlight they have to give up a perk.


  • JackFrostManJackFrostMan Member Posts: 150

    I mean, if you get stunned, it's your fault. A blind is just a bit of salt on the wound. It's no one fault besides your own for getting stunned + blinded in most situations.

    Flashlights aren't even that overpowered, man.

  • ThatOneDemoPlayerThatOneDemoPlayer Member Posts: 5,026

    Getting blinded while locked in an animation is the only time you can get a blind in. It should stay like this

  • MiloMilo Member Posts: 7,008

    So, by this logic, flashlight saves should also be removed? The killer is stuck in an animation. Diffrence is, the survivor does have to time it pretty well to pull it off.

    (Also, you still can hear the survivor running or grunting)

  • elpohelpoh Member Posts: 222

    the killer should be inmune to the flashlight as long as the animation make them look down.

  • Voodoo101Voodoo101 Member Posts: 237

    No, thats not what I wrote. Flashlights and pallet saves are fine, they can be defended against by having control of the character. however the control is taken away while the animation plays. Lets take a survivor situation, you run through a gate and the exit animation takes over. The killer comes in and you cannot move left or right, just forward, because thats what the animation does. The killer take a swing and you fall to the ground but cannot move because it's still animation time. The killer hooks you and you die, no fault of your own, just the way the game is. How many survivors would be on here screaming to remove it. Now imagine that all through a game with a team carrying flashlights, every time you get near a pallet, having to stand back because not only do you get stunned by the pallet, but you stand there unable to stop being blinded.

    With regards to your last comment. Yes, but if you run blind, where do you run?

  • Voodoo101Voodoo101 Member Posts: 237

    Still levelling up killers, so waiting to get Franklins, then the first person I go for will be the one with the flashlight.

  • MiloMilo Member Posts: 7,008

    Except, most flashlight and pallet stuns happen when the killer cannot move because of said animations. Except, again, these save need a very speficifc timing.

    I can imagine that and I just dont care if I get flashlighted while breaking a pallet. Or as someone already mentioned, you run lightborn.

    And you run towards the sounds - footsteps, grunts of pain.

  • Thusly_BonedThusly_Boned Member Posts: 1,342

    Flashlights were the bane of my existence for my first 50-75 hours of killer, but then I learned how to deal with them. Now the only time I ever get blinded is at pallets, which doesn't really bother me because if the survivor is trying to blind me, they aren't getting distance.

    Once you get some hours in, the only reason you'll get blinded is at a pallet kick, or if you get super careless. If you let the killer look away while locked in an animation, you might as well just get rid of flashlights altogether.

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