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Error Code 23

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Hi guys, my friend ran into an issue with DBD.

A couple days ago, we were playing a match and his computer suddenly powered off. No big deal, right ?

Well actually, when he tried to restart DBD, he got hit with the Error Code 23.

He tried validating the files, reinstalling the game, reinstalling all of the (apparently) buggy dependencies, reinstalling DirectX. No such luck. He owns the game on Steam.

He filed a ticket to the support, but in the meantime, I'm asking here if there's any workaround/fix you guys know about.

Thanks in advance.

Edit 1 : While trying to reinstall DirectX, we've noticed that the _CommonRedist file is not present in the game's files, for some reason. Validating the game's files and reinstalling the game did not add it back.

Edit 2 : It probably doesn't matter that much, but just in case, he's running Windows 8.1. We're going to completely reinstall Windows and check if that fixed the issue.

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