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Revert Twins Perspective Transition

When Victor latches onto a Survivor, make it so it instantly transitions back into Charlotte. The current perspective shift makes Twins feel lathargic. Not only do you have to wait 5 seconds just to switch back to Charlotte after a down, but you have this clunky 3rd person cam for a full second, if not a bit longer, where you're just spectating the survivor post hit.

The old transition was so much nicer. And please fix Victor's environmental hitboxes, he collides with the smallest of edges and can't even scale stairs or hills. Perspective-wise you pounce and hit the Survivors in their knee/groin, but hitbox-wise you collide with the sloped surface below them, it looks and feels clunky af. I'm not saying make it so Victor can scale a full hill or staircase, but the fact he can't angle a pounce up two steps even when it looks like a hit is dumb.


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