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What licensed killers are we still missing.

MapersonMaperson Member Posts: 1,685

In my opinion there's just a few licensed horror icons we are missing, that would fill up the horror hall of fame.

Jason - Probably the most iconic killer left, everyone would like him in the game, we need him. His power would probably be rage, going thru pallets and faster recovery after attack?

Chucky - Also one of the most iconic killer we are still missing, got award in the horror hall of fame, also one of the most unique killers we could get. His power would probably transfering his soul into the other dolls since his height would be good on its own.

Candyman - we've been waiting so long for him, still remember the hype about him when it was Silent hill, he needs to be in the game aswell, he has great powers to work with. Probably some kind of teleportation or bee's, but if he would be invisible like the old Freddy, that would be cool aswell.

Alien - also very iconic killer, watched the movies since i was kid, has a special place in my heart (like the all killers I've already mentioned) it would be cool if he could climb over walls, or spit his acid.

Pennywise - behavior's favorite license, always wanted him in the game, still wonder what would be his power, since he has so many of them, probably something about his deadlights, i doubt he would have shape shift, but it would be fun tho.


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