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Is that the «  oppression » mental effect with knives ?

too op ?

too weak ?

tell me dudes :3



  • RenRenRenRen Member Posts: 943

    I don't hate him. I like him but the issue isn't that I think he's too weak or too strong. It's that I can't play him on console due to the TERRIBLE OPTIMIZATION and the fact that there is recoil for some reason.

  • lav3lav3 Member Posts: 260

    Because most people know Trickster is bad and those who complain about him get down easily or get camped till they die I think.

  • ElmosPayPigElmosPayPig Member Posts: 85

    beachballs are not skillfull.

    Current slinger now takes that role of skillful sniper with how hard the devs nerfd him.

  • AnniehereAnniehere Member Posts: 1,007

    His knives are pretty bad design and playing against him makes me feel miserable.

    The maps were not created against a killer with such ability, we have limited tall walls and if it's an open map there is no chance that the survivor can survive his knives without him spamming knives in every direction the survivor may go.

    Every chase with him feels so lame and pretty annoying, most of the time he ends the chase before it even started.

    I feel his ability is cheap, he does nothing special except throwing his knives.

    He doesn't scare me only annoys me and i prefer to play against Clown instead, even tho i dislike him but prefer him in this case 🙁

  • HaddixHaddix Member Posts: 788

    popular opinion

  • LabracLabrac Applicant Posts: 1,212

    I like Trickster. He's the closest we'll ever have of a killer with a machine gun. Unlike people say, I think he's a good design, he's a ranged killer for people who are bad at aiming and don't want to play Huntress or Slinger. The aesthetic thing is dumb, one could say a clown and a bunch of edgy teenagers also don't fit the game. Imo Nemesis doesn't fit DBD, he's too ruthless to be hooking people around, but that's only my opinion.

  • AneurysmAneurysm Member Posts: 4,074

    Not especially fun to go against, being fairly weak while being great at camping has also always been a terrible combo, I also find the TR kind of irritating.

  • Nathan13Nathan13 Member Posts: 4,386

    In the Trickster matches I've played I tend to beat him most of the time. It's never exciting going against Tricksters.

  • HectorBrandoHectorBrando Member Posts: 1,758

    Trickster has several problems

    First a problem shared by other Killers, especially later released Killers, which consists in if he manages to get optimal conditions you cant do much against him and if he doesnt he is so easy to play against is not even fun, Trickster is garbage on high wall jungle gyms and loops but if he gets you on the open (corn, Shelter Woods or Glenvale) or if he gets you in a low wall map (Haddonfield, Backwater Swamp or Autohaven) you are doomed, so its either unfair or 4 people escape at 6 minutes, both scenarios are dull.

    Second he has very little synergies with a ton of perks, once I tried him and started thinking about what build could I do I noticed how poorly his power works with most perks, while Huntress suffers from this too her power is stronger and makes up for smaller pool of perks, for example any M1 attack perk like Sloppy dont work, Exposed perks like Haunted Grounds dont work, TR related perks dont work (he has a lullaby), he is very slow and lacks range so detection perks are not that great etc.

    Third he is a ranged Killer in the sea of ranged Killers they have been releasing lately so he feels uninspired, they just took Legion and Huntress and made an hybrid.

    Fourth and subjective, some people believe his looks are not fitting for the game and Kpop is very polarizing, a lot of people either love it or hate it, no inbetweens.

  • edgarpoopedgarpoop Member Posts: 4,155
    edited November 2021

    The outcome/fun factor in a Trickster match (well, DbD in general, but whatever) is heavily RNG dependent.

    Indoor map or map with a lot of strong high wall tiles? Trickster barely has a power and it's really boring. They'll probably have to camp to generate any pressure.

    Open map with low wall tiles? He's really oppressive and there's not much you can do to avoid going down quickly. You just run super early and hope the killer is bad.

    He's not particularly interactive on either side and it's a coin flip as to whether the match will be fun or a complete waste of everyone's time.

  • Magicmaster0702Magicmaster0702 Member Posts: 140

    I was actually really excited when he was announced, and personally other than a couple skins for killer hes my favorite base aesthetic. I think his power can be busted in some situations, but not nearly enough that people want him gone. Playing against a good Trickster can be a pain especially if they're pc (cause it's a whole lot easier to aim with a mouse), but I still feel like for the most part that they deserve the kills they get. People can talk about how toxic Trickster players are, but they'd do the same thing with any other killer.

  • MarcoPoloYoloMarcoPoloYolo Member Posts: 508

    Because he's one of the killers that has a design that is focused to one aspect of the game instead of being one of the hybrids. He is designed to be really strong in anti-looping and downing quickly, but has no map pressure. Now, contrary to narratives, survivors hate the opposite end of the spectrum as well.

    I think there's a psychological element to Trickster's knife spam as well I think. Realistically speaking, you don't stand any more of a chance against a good Huntress in a loop where a good Trickster is shooting you. Many people don't realize the shots you can pull off as Huntress. My guess is that the rapid-fire gives the feeling of helplessness even though the only knife that matters is the final knife. Maybe it just boils down to Trickster being a more intuitive killer than Huntress, which would make the average Trickster more effective than the average Huntress.

  • DragonMasterDarrenDragonMasterDarren Member Posts: 1,843

    If you are in the middle of a open field with no walls, you die

    if you are in a tight corridor, you die

    if you are in a indoor map and he has trick blades, you die

    if you are on red forest or any map with semi decent loops and plenty of high walls, you basically win on the spot

    Trickster is a killer that feel victim to BHVR’s weird obsession of making killers that are disgusting in the 1v1 but then can do ######### all in the 1v4 (I.e, the part that actually matters)

    That’s why people don’t like him

  • CookieBearCookieBear Member Posts: 1,614

    Trickster is the Squidward of DBD

  • katoptriskatoptris Member Posts: 1,903

    He also hum whenever he hooked. He tend to say ######### whenever he get stunned.

  • Lochnload_exeLochnload_exe Member Posts: 978

    It isn't a fact that he is either too strong or too weak, it is the combination of the two that is the problem. When talking about trickster, the talk of either buffs or nerfs suffers from this, because people will argue "he didn't need the buff, he is too strong!!" or they will say "He is too weak, he needs more buffs!"

    Both of these people are correct, he is extremely oppressive and awful design gameplay-wise because he gives much less counterplay, with the only effective counterplay being holding w and losing LOS, and having a design similar to old legion where he will eventually always get you. He is also weak though, people will say that he is weak in chase BECAUSE it takes him a while, or the fact that he has horrible map pressure and can only really exert pressure by camping or tunneling hard.

    The problem is people who like him will defend him with the weak argument, and people who hate him will attack with the op argument. the fact though is that both are accurate. He is just a middle ground killer now, being bad designed in both categories. It is the same reason slinger was nerfed. Both are killers that don't need buffed or nerfed, because like slinger, the killer will most likely only get worse in one of those categories.

    They nerfed slinger, and while slinger still most definitely has his strengths, he is overall worse. If they buffed slinger, he would've been way more oppressive. Those killers honestly are destined to this design hell by their playstyle. They either need reworked, or they need to get buffed in one area and nerfed in the other till they are in a boring level again like freddy.

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