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I played 13 survivor matches and feel like sharing the results

YamaokaYamaoka Member Posts: 4,165

I don't play survivor too frequently anymore because survivor gameplay bores me but last night my wife and I decided to go for a survivor session and played 13 games.

We get matched with EU streamers like Tru3 on a regular basis and have around 5000 hours so I suppose we're high MMR on both sides.

For once we didn't exclusively get Blight and Nurse players so it was kinda fun.

The matches and results we had:

- Hag (killer gave up and kept slapping trees as I kept popping her traps to get her to chase me)

- Deathslinger (killer disconnected after 3 gens popped with 0 hooks)

- Freddy x2 (4 man escape, 2 man escape. Second match would have been a 4 man escape with 3 hooks total but NOED helped him get the 2 randoms)

- Tombstone Myers (4 man escape)

- Bubba x4 (1x 4k because both randoms got downed at 5 gens next to each other then both of them rage quit on hook, 2x 4man escape, 1x 2 man escape [the randoms died early on but we somehow still did the last gen and both got out])

- Slugging Sally (4k)

- Pig x2 (both times with the iridescent tape. 4 man escape, 2 man escape as the two randoms died again)

- Trickster (4k). Both randoms were together with similar names and immediately pointed at hooks when they saw it was Trickster. Selfish people. Me and my wife still ran him good and did 3 gens on our own. Would have been another easy 4 man escape if it hadn't been a 2v1 match from the start.

These results aren't really supposed to mean anything because it's just 13 games but I thought I would share them anyways because I usually don't keep track of any game results.

So anyways we played 13 games and died 3 times.

Escape rate as an experienced 2-person-SWF without full meta builds*: 77%

My build was: Bond, Kindred, DS, Dead Hard

What are your survivor experiences since MMR regarding escapes? Do you escape more/less frequently?



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